AFRICA ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK, A Growing Platform for entertainers

The annual End of year party of the Africa Entertainment Network (AEN) successfully held in December, 2016. This would be the 6th years of this event but this time, it was more than just a party. There were special features at the event which made it special. These include the inauguration of Patrons and patroness, the unveiling of AEN music management and Label Company and the unveiling of AEN Clothings, a new fashion line by the organization.
The event witnessed the presence of Nollywood actors, producers and directors like Tony Akposheri (Zacky of the TV drama, The New Masquerade), Aquila Njamah, Uche Ogbodo. Some OAPs were also present: Chris De Razor of Beat FM, Hillary of COOL FM, Ayo Munis of Eko Traffic FM, and then, we had Aremo Adekunle Adelodun, The Prince of Ayegunle who brought greetings from Kabiyesi, Oba Samuel Oluleye Adelodun and an offer of lands for a Film Village and for Farming.
The event was a great opportunity for AEN to explain to the world what the group is doing and plans to do further. According to the founder and President of Africa Entertainment Network, Mr. Emdee David, AEN is a social entertainment forum for networking among entertainers, lovers of entertainment and business professionals.  It’s the entertainment platform which comprises practitioners in all genre, e.g., actors, musicians, models, writers, OAPs, directors, producers, marketers, media practitioners, etc.

AEN has grown in the past 6 years of its existence to have branches in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Edo/Delta and also in Ghana, Finland and South Africa.

“We synergize among ourselves, promote ourselves and our businesses, careers, events, etc. 
It is a forum to also educate ourselves on different subjects, culture, health, entertainment, events, history, and entrepreneurship. Yes, we want entertainers to be entrepreneurs through our AEN ventures. AEN now has business ventures which include AENMusic, AEN Fashion line, TV series/movies, and we are also going into agriculture. Members are encouraged to be part of these or to invest in any of these ventures.”

Three AENmusic artistes were unveiled last December which are: Squad E, Excellent and F. Philips. They are dropping their singles any moment from now, so Nigerians need to watch out.

Also inaugurated during the event are AEN Patrons and Patroness. They are:
Mr. Dare Babarinsa – Chairman, Gaskia Media, and also a director with AEN.
Dame Abimbola Fasola – Former First Lady, Lagos State.
Ambassador Godwin Apple Agim – UN Peace Ambassador, Finland
Aremo Adekunle Adelodun – CEO, Digital CHOICE Ltd
Engr Abraham Ejedegba –

Emdee David further explains that, “OUR MISSION, 1. To build the biggest, vibrant, and profitable Network of African Entertainers and business professionals, a network where all genres of arts and entertainment in Africa are brought under one umbrella and provided with care, privileges and opportunities to become professionals and successful in their chosen careers; To connect talents with resources.
OUR VISION is To have a network of all the elements of entertainment in Africa and other nations of the world together for the purpose of synergy, socializing and doing profitable business with others or organizations via an online entertainment forum. Yes, we are building a strong international physical network for business entrepreneurship among African artistes, aspiring talented youths and business personalities. We will like to discover, groom, promote and market creative talents and ideas, giving everyone an opportunity to be economically empowered.  

We are calling on government and corporate organizations to support our vision and mission, to make our young talented Africans have a fulfilled dream towards a better Nigeria and a better AFRICA.

Our Activities include Group Chats on WhatsApp and bbm where we mingle, chat, promote our businesses, educate each other, and know each other a little more. This is the social media arm of AEN.  Tour: Every year we take a tour to a significant places or landmarks, in or outside Nigeria.  Charity: Twice in a year, we contribute and visit an orphanage, Elders home or donate to less privileged. 

Emdee David
Africa Entertainment Network

Twitter: @AEN_online
IG: Africaentertainment

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