Horror on Valentine’s Day As Wife Chops Off Husband’s Lover’s Leg (Photos)

Valentine is supposed to be a day of love, amorous or otherwise but the day turned horrifying for a young woman whose leg was chopped off by an enraged rival, her boyfriend’s wife.

The tragic encounter occurred in Miami, Florida when two women Karsheena Mordica and Ashley Weatherspoon got into an argument which left the latter without a leg.

Karsheena Mordica is being charged with second degree murder and also leaving the scene of an accident after she attempted to kill Ashley after heated argument.

Police reports indicate that she did not make any attempt to render any form of assistance to the severely injured Ashley and simply left the scene.

Kasheena Mordica
Ashley Weatherspoon; the girl who lost a leg after her argument with Kasheena over the mutual love interest; Marco Mark.

The argument that resulted in the unfortunate incident was caused by a 32 year old Marco Mark, who happens to be the object of affection of both parties.

According to local reports, Kasheena is married to Marco, whom she caught out with Ashley on Valentine’s night.

Relatives of the injured woman are tight lipped about the incident, hoping for the best for their loved one who lost her leg.

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