I Have Never Told A Lie – Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed has declared that he has not told any lie since he assumed office as Minister of Information.
Believe it or not, aalhaiji Mohammed says he has never told a lie since he came into government.
Mohammed explained that all he has done is to promote the good works of government and at the same time, disseminate to the people what the government is doing.
In a twist of fate, Mohammed lamented the opposition parties’ vicious attacks on him since he was appointed the government’s spokesman.
‘’I was not prepared for was the viciousness, and the pure hatred, and the lack of objectivity and divisiveness that now accompany it,’’ he told The Sun in an interview.

When reminded that he also attacked the immediate past government of Dr Goodluck Jonathan as the spokesman for the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mohammed claimed he was objective as an opposition figure-head.
His words:”I was always very factual, I was very objective, and I didn’t go personal. And I keep saying, that I challenge anybody to come out and say ‘this is one lie you told when you were spokesperson for the opposition’.
”I challenge these people and I say fault me on facts, and not on emotions. Most of the things you see are purely emotional. Many of them believe that, because I played such a major role in the downfall of PDP, no matter what I do, they would criticize it.
”I want them to criticise me fairly. I want them to be objective; I’m ready to take them on.”
Mohammed also decried what he termed the ‘the politics of hatred, politics of grievances and politics of prejudice’ that opposition figures are currently practising.
”When you start to quote me out of context, out of share hatred for whatever reason, you go personal, and you are not objective, that doesn’t slow me down.
”But it makes one sad that this country can be reduced to this level, and that politics can be reduced to pure hatred, divisiveness, prejudice and grievances.
”They are the liars. Because I challenge them: ‘what lie have I told?’ And they have not come up with one yet,” he added.

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