Nigerian entertainers don’t understand business of entertainment – Ali Baba

Veteran comedian, Ali Baba, says that many Nigerian entertainers do not know much about the business side of entertainment.

Ali Baba, who is regarded as a kingmaker in the Nigerian comedy circuit, lamented that a lot of entertainers often live in penury at the twilight of their fame.

He said, “A lot of entertainers do not really grasp the business side of entertainment. A lot of them are still ignorant of the business dynamics, which is why some don’t invest properly. Some of them don’t know about the time capsule of fame which is based on current performance, market needs and response to the needs of your fans. Complacency is also another big problem and these factors affect the financial earnings of every entertainer. Because they are not financially educated, it then affects what they do and how they do their businesses. That’s why you’ll see an artiste with a lot of fame fizzle out within as little as three years. It is because they don’t understand the industry and know what needs to be done to sustain the business. It is important for you to build your business but many entertainers don’t have the financial understanding and they don’t know the market strategies. That’s why they appear like a flash in the pan. I’ve been in the business for 30 years and I know where the bodies are buried. When you try to talk to these guys, because they’re currently enjoying fame, they think that it would always be like that. I have been able to manage fame because I understand the business.”

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