Amazing: Snow Falls in Ekiti

On Saturday, March 25, Ekiti state residents witnessed odd shaped pebbles which fell from the sky and looked like snow.
The pebbles which came down with a heavy rain at about 4pm did not resemble the normal smooth hailstones tropics witness but rather had crystals surrounding them which made the community call them snowballs. Snow actually falls in flakes while hailstones fall down during hailstorms but reporters say there was excitement all the same.
Residents of Ekiti state University in Ado-Ekiti and the Federal Polytechnic in the state took pictures of the crystalised balls.
According to witnesses, students who had never witnessed such a phenomenon rushed outside to capture pictures for posterity.
One of the students, a fresh graduate of EKSU said: “I have not seen snow in this magnitude before, I’m really excited. It is a lovely experience.” Another witness Kemi Fadairo said the size of the snow was the biggest she had seen. “I have been seeing snows fall but these are the biggest I have seen,”

Paparazzi investigated more on this phenomenom.
Why Does Rain Turn to Snow Instead of Just Becoming Hail Stones?

A Google search engine research on the possibility of hail turning into snow brought out the following response:

1. If it’s cold enough to freeze rain common sense tells me it should be heavy balls of ice
2. Yes that’s what normally happens.
Snow is formed over catalysts, which are small particles of dirt or dust. The air temperature combined with moisture forms ice crystals over the catalyst. When it’s heavy enough and not being carried by winds, it will fall as snow.
Rain turns to hail when there is precipitation but it’s cold enough to turn to ice. Rain drops encounter freezing air which cause them to crystalise, if the rain drops stay aloft for a longish time they stick to each other causing them to get larger. Eventually they fall as hail.
3. I dont know exactly, but it has somehing to do with high winds. I think when there is a constant high wind speed it keeps the rain drops in the air for a longer period of time and eventually they freeze. They then keep getting bigger until they become so heavy that the wind cant hold them anymore and then they fall as hailstones. Dont quote me tho, Im remembering this from an article I read in like third grade

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