-By Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr.

In Nigeria’s political arena everything is not what it seems. The gladiators are entering the ring again as 2019 beckons and we need to be wary, hence many will fall into the same trap as before.
It appears only the free thinker and the discerning mind can see through the smokescreen and the deceit of it all.

The politician causes his followers to blindly bound their reasoning to the sing song of the party of the day, singing songs of solidarity and howling at the top of their voices, dancing the dance of shame to the drumbeat of those holding the remote control, directing their brains towards party A, why it is the best thing after sliced bread and why his fellow neighbour is a big fool for still supporting party B…that dead party.
What these once close and yummy friends don’t know or refuse to acknowledge is that it’s all a grand plan by the politician to keep them busy mentally and at worst, physically tear themselves to shreds while he perfects his plan to once again loot their commonwealth empty, if you ever watched any of the Zombie movies, you can visually understand what I mean.

You see, in this instance, birds of seemingly same plummage may migrate together but their goals vary, along the journey, some will be trapped by grinding poverty, some will be used as foot soldiers and expendables, some will get hit by bullets from trigger happy policemen during campaign riots, while the leading birds will divert from the flight schedule, ala campaign promises; then go on to fulfil their selfish plans.
Know this, just because you attend the same church with the largest congregation doesn’t mean you are all there to serve the same God, others are gods unto themselves looking for temples to worship their image. Forget about collective confessions!

My people, my people, it’s time for you to do both mind and spiritual re-jig, engage yourself in critical thinking. Going forward, your conviction on party followership should not be premised on ‘dem say, dem say’ or we are waiting for directive from our party leader, Professor-Alhaji-Doctor… when you are not a card carrying member of any party”, leave those directives to the wannabes and political jobbers. You are just an ordinary electorate. Wait for them to come and woo your votes, don’t do follow, follow politics, your future and that of your children depends on you!

Do you want to be a LEARNER forever? Stop being a ready footmat for politicians in their new season of election intrigues. Don’t join in their macabre dance, you can never expertly move to the beat. Don’t feature in their Zombie movies. How can you hold your brain in your hands when it should be in your head?
I don talk my yone!

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