Scottish knitters cover bollards in Easter bonnets to make people happier


Scottish knitters cover bollards in Easter bonnets to make people happier

by Rick

Published: 7th April 2017 @ 11:37


Irving Belin wrote a song that has appeared in numerous Broadway shows and film musicals, whilst it was first performed as far back as 1933, it was in the film which starred Judy Garland and Fred Astaire, shown on television at Easter time, it could be on again this Easter, which brought it to the attention of many millions.

The Lyrics contain the opening line “In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade. Perhaps it was this song which inspired a team of fanatical knitters who have made Easter-themed woolly covers for more than 20 traffic bollards in the Scottish town of Callender, Stirlingshire.

The magnificent bollard covers, or as we prefer “Easter Bonnets”, feature bunny rabbits, eggs and daffodils in pink, yellow and green wool completely covering the bollard, examples of which are the grey ‘rabbit’ bollard with long floppy ears and pink nose, another features a nest of yellow chicks sitting on top and a green ivy design.

This was really a labour of love, because it took the enthusiastic team of 40 knitters eight weeks creating the Easter decorations from an estimated 100 balls of wool, which would together stretch about 10 miles. The reason for this, well we thought that it would cheer people up a spokesperson said. Now if you were thinking that knitting needles were clicking at the speed of light, well not quite because as Julie Carmichael, one of the lead members on the project, said: ‘The bollard covers were made on a knitting loom and the designs were sewn on separately afterwards.

This was not a “spur of the moment” project, Julie pointed out that it was in fact the third, all have been very popular with residents and visitors in the town who have been stopping to get photographs of them.

Well we are sure that our readers will agree that the Easter Bonnets are great, as no doubt, would all the many performers’ who have sung the song over the years!

Pictures: Deadline News

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