Nigerian Pastor Arrested For Sexually Assaulting 30 Women, Dragged On The Floor Like An Armed Robber

In recent times, Nigerian pastors have been involved in one controversy or the other, bringing disgrace to their ministry and the church both home and abroad.
The latest object of such controversies is a South African based pastor and popular televangelist, Pastor Tim Omotoso.
Omotoso, a senior pastor of the Jesus Dominion International, has been humiliated, dargged on the ground and arrested by police in South Africa.
The so-called man of God whose church is based in Durban, South Africa, was arrested for allegedly abusing over 30 female members of his church.
Omotoso who is the founder of Tim Omotoso Global Outreach was sometime ago, declared wanted by the South Aafrican authorities after reports said he went into hiding.which forced the police to organise a manhunt for him.
Most of his alleged victimare said to be young people, who say he has betrayed their trust. Several female members of the pastor’s church which is constituted of mainly youths,
He is accused of luring the women to his house and thereafter molesting them.
Pastor Omotoso was booed and publicly disgraced as he was arrested in the restroom of the Port Elizabeth airport Thursday.
He was disgraced, dragged on the floor and handcuffed like a common criminal.

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