From food to beauty… Giant Nigerian land snail gains high export demand

NIGERIA (REUTERS) – The Giant African Snail is sought after in parts of the world for its nutritional and cosmetic benefits. In Nigeria, some entrepreneurs have found opportunities to export the molluscs, which are said to be low in cholesterol and high in protein.

From food to beauty… the Giant African Land snail is in demand.

For one Nigerian entrepreneur, business moving rather faster than the creatures themselves.

The molluscs are sought for their mucus, said to be full of collagen and other compounds that regenerate skin cells.

Oluwatobilola is preparing her first order of 1,000 snails to the UK, shelling out US$4,000 (S$5,580) on the shipment.

But she expects to make a healthy profit from the deal.

Oluwatobilola hopes to one day open her own snail factory, producing snail meat and collecting mucus, as well as grinding snail shells into powder for fertiliser and poultry feed.

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