2019: Buhari’s campaign posters flood Abuja

Buhari’s campaign posters – Despite growing concerns in public domain about President Muhammadu Buhari’s health, his major supporters are bent on prevailing on the President to contest for a Second Term in office, close sources to the villa have revealed.

Just this morning, residents of the Federal Capital City, Abuja woke up to site the President’s campaign posters across Wuse, Garki, Airport Road and other major points of attraction drawing the curiosity  of journalists.

The posters which has the inscriptions such as Nigerians resolve,Buhari 2019,after healing comes greatness,just believe among others flooded the city of Abuja.

This is coming at a time that the health of the President is still a subject of controversy to many in the country.

Some close aides of the President who spoke in confidence said the President is not as sick as his enemies are suggesting and the Second Term campaign strategy team are working on the President to ensure he comes to complete his numerous programs in the county.

He hinted that Nigeria is too big and having defeated the insurgents in the north east, its time for Buhari to complete the rebuilding process of that region which would require him to have another term of office to be able to do so.

The source hinted that, that  is exactly what is required of the President in all the sectors that he has re-engineered in the last two years and a second term ticket is the key to seal it, he added.

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