Teachers To Be Rewarded On Earth Before Heaven…Here’s How To Tap Into This Blessing

Teachers To Get Reward From Earth Before Heaven
…see the interesting package and tap into it NOW

I remember my one teacher who made the most impression on my young self. We called him Daddy. Daddy was our English teacher in Form 3. (Now JSS 3, I suppose).

Daddy was an old man, at the time, I judged him to be about 60…but I might be wrong. In the illusory vision of the very young, adults seem older than they really are. So we may place Daddy’s age at 45. Oh, did he seem old!
Well, what made Daddy unique was his insistence on good handwriting. Many of us went back to the bookshops and got the handwriting notebook because if your ‘H’ or ‘D’ or ”g’ etc did not align, you failed English in Daddy’s class. If you could not dot your ‘i’s or cross your ‘t’s you failed. Indeed it was from Daddy’s class I hear the famous phrase, dots your i’s and cross your t’s. He said those lines over and again such that until today, when I write, it is so etched in my memory, it echoes back at me.
As we passed to the senior class, we left Daddy behind but our much improved handwriting went with us.
Where is Daddy today? I can’t tell. Did any of us reward him for his excellent work? I can’t tell either. I know I did not. Sadly, many of us are like me; we remember our teachers with fond memories, like Miss Oworu who took an exceptional liking to me but remains a warm memory. We never look back. We repeat the cliché, “The teachers reward is in Heaven’ and move on into other pursuits.
Teachers are poorly paid, many are owed salaries, they hardly got grants or any other opportunities for self improvement…until now.
Now, listen; if you know a teacher who is dedicated to his job and stands out in pursuing his duty, tell him his reward has come and make sure he enters for the
MALTINA TEACHER OF THE YEAR AWARD. He not only stands to win huge sums of money but his school will also benefit from the award.
As a matter of fact, teachers from the 36 States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT will be rewarded for their diligence and their schools will also be acknowledged with cash gifts by Nigerian Breweries PLC, NBL.


As part of Nigerian Breweries Plc’s commitment to Winning with Nigeria, the company established the Nigerian Breweries – Felix Ohiwerei Education Trust Fund in 1994. This is to stimulate greater efforts by the company in the development of the educational sector in Nigeria. Since then, the Trust Fund has carried out notable interventions to improve the quality of education across Nigeria.
One of the efforts is the Maltina Teacher of the Year, which commenced in 2015. This is one of the initiatives of the Trust Fund to recognise and celebrate teachers and the teaching profession in Nigeria.
The programme is endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Education and supported by several stakeholders in the education sector including the Nigeria Union of Teachers, the All Nigeria Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools, the State Universal Basic Education Boards, etc.
Since commencement, we have had two editions and recognised a total of 42 teachers across the country at the annual grand finale which holds in October to mark World Teachers’ Day. 


Five Hundred thousand Naira (500,000) + Plaques to all the State Champions

2nd Runner-up
Trophy+ N750,000 + 500,000 received as a State Champion

1st Runner –up
Trophy + N1, 000,000+ 500,000 received as a State Champion

Trophy+ N1,000,000+ 500,000 received as a State Champion
N1,000,000 Annually for 5 years
Overseas training
A block of 6 classrooms in the school he or she teaches.

Now that you know, please inform all teachers you know to enter for this great competition, one of its kind in Nigeria.
I shall be updating you guys regularly as the competition progresses.
Back to Daddy, the teacher thaat made the most impression on me at Adesuwa Grammar School, (AGGS) Benin City, I wish I could find him again, if he is still alive, I would give him a big hug and say ‘thank you’.

Who was your favourite teacher or which teacher made the most impression on you?
One teacher I would never forget though was Mr Lar…the Indian teacher who was as fearsome as those Indian gods with 8arms. Mehn!!! Mr Lar could beat sha. If he told you he would break your arm, the arm would be broken before he finished the sentence. Chaai, how I dreaded Maths with Mr Lar! I could swear many times I saw smoke coming out of Mr Lar’s hairy ears! (ehehehe).

However, I had lots and lots of fantastic, eccentric, dedicated teachers, I shall regale you with their stories as we go along on this highly commendable journey with NBL.
Now, I may not have kept up with them but my conscience is assuaged at least that teachers reward will start here on earth with the MALTINA Teachers Award.
Now abeg gist me, who was your best teacher and why do you remember him…did you have a Mr Lar too? (LOL).
Moji Danisa

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