Woman Thinks Alligator is harmless, Then She Sees The Huge Fish In His Mouth

When most people make a trip to a golf course, it is usually to do just that — play some golf.

When guests of the Seven Springs Golf and Country Club in Trinity, Florida, were offered the chance to play some golf, they also witnessed a stunning moment in nature.

Captured on camera by Norma Respess this past Thursday, March 2, a huge alligator trotted across the golf course.

But the big gator wasn’t alone.

Clutched tightly in its mouth was what was probably going to be the big animal’s lunch.

“We were on the tenth hole,” Respess told InsideEdition.com. “There is a pond on one side, and on the other side there is another body of water. My brother said, ‘Look there’s a gator. Behind you.’ We said, ‘What is in the gator’s mouth?’ Looked big enough to be a seagull. We didn’t know what it was.”

In fact, it was a fish so large it nearly rivaled the gator itself in size.

Respess, along with many other guests at the golf course, quickly grabbed her phone and began to record.

The gator, just minding its own business, chugged right along, big gray fish in its mouth, until it reached the pond and dove in.

“Wow! I’m glad you got the fish,” Respess said in her video, applauding the gator’s major haul.

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