Irate Husband beats wife to pulp for leaving baby home to frolic with US lover in beer parlour

A man allegedly beat his wife to a state of stupor when he found her in a beer parlour having a great time with her American based boyfirend.

According to a Facebook user who shared the story, the man had returned home to find his wife gone and his eight-month-old baby alone with the maid.

He went in search of his wife only to find her in a beer parlour with her boyfriend who resides outside the country. In anger, he beat her mercilessly while the boyfriend fled. Others in the beer parlour stood watching and made no effort to stop the abuse.

Read the full story below….

Husband allegedly beats his wife to a pulp after finding her in a beer parlour with another man

Many women/men are obsessed with men/women that stays overseas even some married women/men ain’t spared out on this.

Yesterday, a girl cheated on her faithful boyfriend for an overseas guy she met on Facebook. The offence of the boyfriend is simply because he’s based in Nigeria and not abroad.

Today, a married woman with a kid left her home and baby to hook up with her abroad boyfriend till hubby caught her red handed.

Here’s the story…..

This woman that’s battered to a pulp in the picture here left her eight months old baby at home in the care of her maid to hang out with her abraod boyfriend who just returned to Nigeria.

When her hubby came back home, he met the baby crying and the maid couldn’t pacify the baby from crying as she had exhausted all she could do to stop the baby from crying.

Hubby asked the maid where his wife had gone to, and the maid couldn’t give her oga a reasonable answer.

Hubby got angry and went out to hunt for his wife and fortunately and unfortunately, he caught the wife red handed in a drinking spot enjoying herself with her abroad boyfriend.

Oga couldn’t take it any longer so he pounced on his wife and battared her to a pulp.

The abroad boyfriend took off when he saw the angry hubby descending on his wife with no regard.

A small crowd gathered but no one could rescue the nursing mother from the rage of her angry hubby.

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