Singlet anointed by Pastor Adeboye resurrects lady dead for 12 days in Bayelsa [Video]

A man has recounted how a woman, who had been dead for 12 days, was resurrected with a singlet.

According to the testifier, he laid a singlet that the General Overseer of Redeemed Christain Church of God, Pastor E.O Adeboye, had earlier prayed upon on the deceased, and viola she awoke.

Narrating the incident, the man said;

They said they embalmed her at home. How could you do such a thing? For me getting there she had changed, somebody that died 12 days ago. the singlet that was prayed on at the last convention. I got there and I just laid the singlet on her face, I said Nike stand up three times nothing happened, well I wasn’t expecting much but God showed mercy… Just for me to close the door, I just heard somebody scream. I said who is that. Just for me to close the door, somebody who has died for 12 days God restored him back to us.



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