European Movement of Atiku/Obi Campaign Launched in Brussels

The European movement of the Atiku/ Obi campaign organisation came alive in Brussels, Belgium Saturday.
Here is the text of Otunba Gbenga Daniel’s speech at the event. The DG of the Atiku Campaign Organisation was ably represented by none other than the highly respected Hon. Dare Adeleke who flew in from Lagos to grace the occasion.

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Good day Ladies and Gentlemen.
HIS Excellency, Atiku Abubakar and his running mate Dr Peter Obi, extend their deep greetings .

It gladdens my heart to hear that our brothers and sisters from the shore of our beloved country, Nigeria, who are resident in Europe have come together to be part of our historic movement to make Nigeria work again, and are gathered here at the HQ of Europe, Brussels. You are indeed patriots worthy of emulation. This organisation came to our notice through the leadership of Akogun the DG of this chapter. It is noteworthy that the London chapter will be inaugurated on Sunday 6th of Jan and we shall also make historic touch there too. I am most delighted to receive the honour being awarded me, I thank you most sincerely. I hereby dedicate this honour to Nigerians, that have been victims of Heardsmen, irrespective of their tribes, our gallant soldiers who met their untimely death in the hands of Boko Haram terrorists because a government sent young men to war without weapons. It saddens me to reveal, as you must have read in news reports from home, that money for arms, were diverted to buy shares in Keystone Bank and Etisalat. I implore the President to officially set up a panel to look into these allegations which must not be swept under the carpet.
The Chief of Army Staff, General Buratai would rather gather editors at Christmas to give them N500,000 cash ‘gifts’ to buy their silence so the world would not know the sheer horror of the failed war against the Boko Haram terrorists. Everyday government loses grounds as soldiers retreat from the war front in protest…yet all that concerns Buratai is propaganda.

As we are gathered here today with friends, families and all Nigerians within, we look forward to February 16 when we will be given another opportunity to ignite meaningful changes to the Socio-economic and political status of our beloved nation, Nigeria. Another chance to turn around the fortunes of our people at home, to bring prosperity into their lives and make the nation excel again.

You will all agree with me that our country has the potentials, human and material, to be great again. But, we were unfortunate to have been ladened in the last 4 years, with pseudo-progressive and clueless leadership.

It is an understatement to say Our People have never had it as bad as we have today. Since the return of the democratic leadership of Obasanjo led regime, 1999-2007, solid foundations were laid for an all round growth of our nation.

The immediate succeeding regime of Late Yaradua and that or Dr GoodkuckJonathan did their best to move the nation forward with innovation of unprecedented ideals and ideas. However, the People fell for a “lip service slogan of Change” which has ushered in darkness, hopelessness, ineptitude, nepotism and hatred as never before felt, into lives of Our once world – renowned happy People. We are divided in our ethic coloration and seperated like never before.Today, we are more divided along religious lines, while the hunger and the killing in the land are not things of jubilation or to make political rhetoric of.

But, now an opportunity avails us to redeem our mistake of the last general election. Together, we can get Nigeria working again. You are aware that our team has unveiled a well prepared policy document which we hold as a covenant with the People. The document is a product of Vision, Zeal, Purpose, Collectivity, and we are greatly committed to it as a potential means of getting Nigeria working again.

With this inauguration today, here in Brussels Belgium, I call on all of you to come on board as we must be part of that generational army that rescues our nation from perfidy and brainlessness. We must sacrifice our comfort zone today for the sake of tomorrow of the downtrodden masses of this country. Our People must feel safe to live at any part of the nation they want, our young ones must be provided with opportunities to explore their innate skills for their prosperity and the nation’s glory in the League of Nations must be restored. It is my belief that your influence at our respective states, will definitely add values to our victory. Most of us have spent so much on this project, without any financial expectations from us. This is great sacrifice and commitment to rescue our nation from Desperadoes.. We shall involve this chapter in some of our activities at the appropriate time. Go out like Jehovah witness and spread the gospel of Nigeria must work again.

Once again, I thank you all and appreciate you for hearkening to the clarion call of your motherland.

God bless Nigeria!


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