Sometimes one wonders what is it in a woman that makes a man go haywire. Is it the face, the breasts or the hips? Or it’s just the mere fact that she is the opposite sex.

Men have been told never to look at a woman twice, but these stubborn men will look, stare and even “naked” a woman with their eyes, not only twice but thrice and more. That’s why God should judge them harder.

And that’s why Natasha Peters will get all the pleasure and money from any of them that falls for her advances. But it’s not really about the money; it’s more of the pleasure, to satisfy her unquenchable sexual thirst.

Her goal is to sleep with a million men in her lifetime, and the best time for her to achieve it is now, in her prime and hottest stage in life; when men even fall for her shadows and the sexy name she has decided to be known with.

Luckily, or by sheer chance, she is situated in a city where money and sex are the direct offspring of power. And God, she usually thinks, has given her extra energy, or, was it the devil? Or was it the counter effect of her growing up years that she was not allowed to see or meet any man, always locked in the house by her church zealot parents? Well, she is over that now. It’s now her world, ruled and controlled by herself alone.

Today, Natasha Peters has an appointment with the General Manager of Kinetics Computers. Though she is through with them on the supply, she still maintains a good business relationship with them all, and a sensual one with a few. She was surprised when the GM called her to ask if she could help sell off some computer hard disks. She wondered how a computer company could not easily get buyers for their wares. She had asked if they were internal or external hard disks, and the GM had said they were internal, and that he needed it disposed of as soon as possible. So she had given him today to meet him in the office. He’d also promised her lunch but she told him she won’t have the time. So she would meet with him in a couple of minutes.
So her dressing was casually unusual, far from fit for a corporate office visit. She purposely wore a short skirt below a Top that would shows a bit of her cleavages, because she could remember the last encounter with the GM at their last during which his eyes never left her chest. The GM had also followed her to the garage just for a little touch. Subsequently, he had called her several times for lunch, dinner or some outing to which she had declined. He was not her type. A man she’d held his hands and he was already vibrating, and by the time she grabbed the rod in his boxer – no, his underpants – he was ready to ejaculate. That meant he won’t last a minute by the time she puts his rod into her funnel. That would be a waste of pleasurable time. And if he had to go two rounds, he might faint. She didn’t want to be responsible for his death. But since this call is for business, she has to honour it; and for a little spicing up, she will tantalize him with her cleavages – that alone can make him cum, she thinks. She checks herself in the mirror again and decides she is okay to go. Let me go kill somebody with this see but can’t touch.

She now sits in the Reception area of Kinetics Computers Ltd., where a lady is speaking to the GM on phone. Another man was waiting for the GM also. She’d met him there, and his eyes have since not left her body.
“You can go in,” the Receptionist says as she hangs the intercom. Natasha stands to go in, but the man she had met stands also in protest.
“No,” he says. “She met me here. Did you tell him I have been waiting?”
“Yes sir, I did.” says the front desk. “But his order is that she comes in now. I guess hers would be a brief one.”
“Mine too. Call him back now,” the man is almost shouting.
“Okay,” says Natasha and moves closer to the man, so close the man moves back too. She rests her hand on his shoulder and with a finger scratches his left earlobe. The man shudders, smiles sheepishly and then motions with his hands towards the door.
“Ladies first,” he says.
“Yeah, thanks.” You fool. Natasha says as she prances to the door, while Mr. Visitor stares at her backside. The man licks his tongue and then quickly calls her back and hands her his business card.

Inside the office, standing in front of the GM, she listens as the over 50-year old man is rapping like a shy teenager, explaining how he has used the sale of Hard Disks as a detour to get her to come and see him.
“I am really sorry, but…I just want to see you again and may be…,” the GM is saying, but Natasha cuts in.
“So you have no Hard Disks to sell, huh?” She frowns and continues with an angry tone. “And you think I have no work doing? I have wasted time and money to be here only to be told there is no Hard Disk to be sold? Shit.” She slams her hand on the table and walks to the door. GM stands immediately and follows her, pleading. “I am sorry; I will make it up to you. Please, wait…”
Natasha grabs the knob of the door, turns it but doesn’t open. She pauses for a while and listens to the GM who is now right behind her stammering his pleas. She thinks for a while – he may not have a Hard Disk to sell, but he sure has a hard dick to set.… She turns the key to a lock position and turns her body to him.
“I beg you in the name of the Lord…” he is still saying when suddenly her face creases into a smile.
“It’s Ok,” she says, pulling the neck of her top apart to show more of her cleavage. “And talking about the Lord, he is no longer in Calvary. You can now find solace there.” GM mutters something and then smiles as Natasha rushes him with kisses. His hands by reflex find their way to her breasts. Men, she thinks, any little turn on, their hands go to the breast.
“Not here please,” the GM says. “Someone may enter.”
“Fear not, for I am with thee,” says Natasha, tearing off the flab of his trousers. “I am the one that lucks and no one opens.” She forcefully pulls down his oversized trousers and pulls away from him. His underpants shows Calvin..K… “Cheap dirty pants, Okrika for sure”, Natasha says to herself.
“Oh my God….” The GM gasps, quickly holding his trousers. “Natasha!” He looks at her and then at the door. By the time he turns back to look at her, Natasha’s skirt is down, her buttocks so bare while she backs him. She rests her hands to support her body on the executive table the GM had sat when she came in.

Her eyes quickly scan the items on the table – Manila files, folders, a bunch of keys, a pen, an Our Daily Bread devotional sitting on a King James Version Bible, and then his Name Plague. She reads the inscription silently – Mr. P. J. Dakwoi. What a name! So un-romantic. She wonders what the “P” and “J” stand for. Pussy Jerk? Or may be Pussy Judas? He sure behaves like one or all of those.
The GM’s mouth is open in mixture of fear, confusion and embarrassment. He wasn’t prepared for this.
“You’ve got only ten seconds to enter the place. Your time starts now….one…two…”
GM puts up a smile. Resolving to get a quick one, he drags his feet towards her as Natasha bends and stretches her buttocks towards him. He sees the redness of her vagina and his dick jerks upward, the wet tip pleading to be swallowed up.
GM was right behind her when she mournfully and amorously counts “7,” holding to his manhood.
“Quick,” she almost screams but then feels an unstable, cold touch of hard flesh very close to her anus. Wrong hole, bastard. There is a knock on the door and Mr. Dakwoi freezes.

… To be continued next week!

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