Some Psychological Facts About Love…

By Justin Jones (Quora)

  • When a man finds someone attractive, he may suck-in his gut, flex his muscles and take postures that make him appear taller and stronger.

  • People are most likely to break up once they have hit the three to five month period in their relationships.

  • Simple looking at a picture of a loved one relieves the pain.

  • Women felt that men became more attractive if they saw other women smiling at them.

  • If you hold hands with someone you love, this can help to alleviate physical pain as well as any feelings of stress and fear.

  • An attractive face is preferred over an attractive body for long-term relationships.

  • People who play mind games are more likely to get attracted by others around them.

  • We are more attracted to people we choose to pursue and less attracted to those who pursue us.

  • After 34 minutes of conversation, a woman already knows if there is a potential of having a long term relationship with the man or not.

  • Expressing gratitude towards people you love causes an immediate spike in your happiness.

  • when an individual is dumped, It can often result in frustration attraction.

(This ‘attraction’ makes the one who has dumped love and lust the other person even more.)

  • People at the same level of attractiveness are more likely to end up together.

  • According to some psychologists, human beings are not capable of being “just friends” with members of the opposite sex.

  • Most women are attracted to men who possess a strong sense of humor.

  • You’re most likely to fall in love with someone if you first meet them in a dangerous situation.

  • Men in their early 20s feel more emotional pain after a break up than women.

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