• The salacious photos of the Police Inspector and his voluptuous murder suspect spread the pages of not just one, but three National dailies and seven gossip magazines.
  • The social media is just getting the photos after noon. Mercifully for Natasha, her face is carefully avoided, so no one would recognize her; but her breasts are fully displayed, especially on the gossip papers and social media. Anyone who had sucked or touched them before would definitely know who owns those brown nipples on two fair breasts. GM wouldn’t miss it if he were to be alive….oh, what he died for. While Natasha is gloating in the arms of the MD who had facilitated her immediately release, the Inspector is sulking in the dirty Ankara wrapper of his village housewife who’d picked three newspapers someone dropped at her doorsteps that morning. She couldn’t read but…she didn’t need toread the pictures. Even with the blurring of the face in the photos, she knows her husband too well. Along with neighbours who saw the scandalous publication, she’d encouraged him not to report to work that morning. The original reporter went deeper than the pictures say and even intoned that sexual intercourse actually took place in that office with the lady; it couldn’t be the first time, so read the line.“That was brave of you, you know,” says the Managing Director (MD) of Kinetics Computers who had been so kind and sympathetic to her during her trying time. She had offered a whole weekend of “thank you sir” to him which he zealously accepted, cancelling his Saturday’s Open Day at his daughter’s boarding school. Some daughter here needs his attention. “But risky, I must say.” He adds as Natasha fumbles with his relaxed dick in attempt to secure a second erection.“What? … What’s brave…what’s risky?” asks Natasha. “The way I suck your testicles? That’s…”“No,” the MD retorts. “I mean the pictures, the setup, how did you do it?”“Jeez,” snaps Natasha, not letting go of his manhood. “You believe I did that? Not me.”“What?”“I swear,” says Natasha extending her fingers to his family jewels. “Well, he called me to his office and the way he was looking at me, I knew he was vulnerable….and I was kind of horny too…so I just….”“Was the cameraman horny too?” asks the MD, jocosely. She pinched his testicles and he screams. She laughs at him. “Seriously, I know nothing about those pictures.”“The man must have a lot of enemies in that station.”“Mostly women, I guess.”“Too bad.”“The disadvantage of over active dick.”“What?” the testicles are now reacting favourably, his manhood stretching.“I like to be on top.”“You were on top the first time.”
  • “Always.”“Why?”“To be in control.”“Of?”“The thrusting.”“You don’t trust me? …”“Thrusting, you daft…”“Aww, that was romantic.”“You must learn to hang…if you must enjoy me…”“To hang out? Will try…”“Hang, fool, …to sustain erection….” Natasha goes on top of him and helps him to penetrate her. The MD makes a boyish sound like he made during the first round.“Ouch…I will….I will baby…”“You must, MD….even if it means burantashi…”“And die like GM?” the MD snaps and raises his head up, but Natasha is already grinding her waist on him.
  • The sensation sends off his anger.“Not when I am with you, baby.” She pushes him back on to the pillow as his moanning increases, threatening to climax.
  • “Not so soon, MD…can’t you manage and direct this dick not to vomit before eating well?” He giggles in excitement. She pulls him out, holding his two hands pinned down to the bed; she moves her waist towards his head and set her organ to his mouth. MD gasps. “There is a fleshy object there called Clitoris…find it with your tongue and lick it,” she orders.
  • She begins to mourn too as she feels his tongue on the right erotic object. She releases his hands and he sends them straight to her nipples. Her hands also go back to his scrotums. The pleasure is mutual andthe GM squeezes in pleasurable excitement.“Poor boy,” exhales the MD. Natasha mumbles some words as she moves her torso back to sit on him.“You are the poor boy, huh?” she says then helps him to penetrate her deeply. “No, GM….what he missed and died for….oh God, this is heavenly.”“Hellish, you mean?”“Depends.”“Depends on who is on top. ”She is doing the up and down movement and killing MD with pleasure.
  • At the peak of it all, he raises his head up to her chest, grabs her firmly as he jerks and ejaculates. Her pleasure-thirsty body is still aflame, her body electrified. This is when she needs him erect manhood the most. But he collapses on the bed and five minutes later, he is dozing off.“You need jedi-jedi herbs,” she says in frustration.“You bet I do,” the MD says in exhaustion. “But for now, I need to go.”“Go, why?” she asks in surprise, while making effort to get his dick erect again. “We have the whole weekend, remember?”“Eh! A whole weekend? I will die.”
  • “No, you won’t.”“This is just one day work o,… ah!” The MD moves his leg from the bed. “Please, Natasha, ah! I have PTA meeting tomorrow. I am the….”“Goodbye!”Nigerian air force c-130 plane crash, sept 26th 1992.

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