After Natasha had waved the MD goodbye, reluctantly though, she picked her phone and went through her contacts, for the prepared and available. Two guys from her Facebook friends were available and prepared, those jobless boys all over Facebook who cannot buy a lady lunch but are ready to vandalize her sexuality.

One of them was on his way – Kunle.

She had met him once after he had chivvied her to meet with her after she had sent him a picture of her nipples. Kunle had gone on wild dreams, and today, his dream is miraculously coming to pass. They’d met at Paradise, a Pizza place in Wuse 2, Abuja. He could not even afford the Pizza or the drinks she had ordered, yet at the end, he’d had the gut to ask for a goodbye kiss. Another man who eventually took her home that night had it. She had only touched his lips with the finger she’d just removed from her ear, and bade him goodbye, with the best pretended smile she could afford at that moment. It was good enough.
Natasha is just laughing as she waits for him and thinks of that time they’d met. Was he that poor? Then, what was he doing in Abuja? She could remember him telling her he was always thinking about her, he loved her so much….love? In Abuja? He had better go to Aba, Abia State, if he was looking for love; definitely not in Abuja. Or was Kunle merely stingy with his pocket? She could remember him saying his father was, or is, an accountant. Stingy bastards, accountants. She just hopes the lad won’t be stingy with his dick, this son of an accountant. And to think that they even have an association of stingy people, and christened it Chartered. Anyway, for tonight, she doesn’t need his money but his performance. And she is not willing to suppress her masochistic tendencies today. Kunle must be subservient to her. She had even warned him that if he doesn’t’ go three long rounds with her, she would delete him from her Facebook friends list, and Kunle had said, no problems. And now he is taking longer time getting here, Natasha begins to assume he must have gone for GM’s remedy. Who cares!
She orders vodka and sits naked on the edge of the bed. Her horny body is on fire, it would kill her if it is not satisfied before the end of day. She had accepted her nymphomaniac condition and resolved there is nothing she could do about it. She is young and strong and ready to do wild things with her life, with her corporeal body, and if some day she could get a real priest to sleep with, his holiness might sanctify her. But for now, let her handle the perverse like her, and the very romantic religions hypocrites; saints in church, sex-stars on bed.

She checks her time, it’s past seven. She is getting tipsy and more horny, wild things going through her mind. May be she should have called the two prepared and available Facebookers. Would Kunle alone satisfy her? But why is he taking time in the first place? Must have gone to look for transport fair to be able to come. Oh, how pictures on Facebook deceive. Kunle’s Facebook profile photos were all taken in fine environments and dresses, borrowed, she surmises. She was shocked last time when Kunle appeared in shirt and sports pants. Anyway, what endeared him to her more was that he is a computer engineer, or so he’d claimed. She had not even tested him on that. She takes her phone and sends him a message.
“Where are you, young man?”
His reply comes immediately, “Very close my baby.”
She smiles and massages her breasts with her two hands and then lays her back on the bed, her legs wide open as she feels the cold breeze from the AC directly under her.
Then there is a knock. She’d thought of leaving the door unlocked so Kunle would meet her in that sexy position, hoping his creative computer brain would be romantic enough to start sucking her. But she had decided otherwise. The vodka is penetrating her bloodstreams by now. She gets up, staggers to the door, and turns the key clockwise, and without looking, goes back to the bed, lying in that voluptuous position.

“Come in,” she says, barely audibly.
The door opens and shuts back in place, the key properly locked.

“Baby, I changed my mind,” the familiar voice said.
She raises her head with wide, seductive smile and her vodka intoxicated-eyes meet his face.

“MD?!” she screams in complete shock. “What about your kids Open Day…the Parents Teachers Association meeting? And….”

He smiles as he drops his outer suit on the chair. His shirt, tie and shoes leave his body faster than usual. The MD’s eyes are red.
“I changed my mind, I want more of you, sweetheart. It’s the whole weekend, remember?”
She masterly pretends she had hoped and wished and prayed that he would just walk back through that door. Oh, how she missed him so much, and wondered how she could have survived this night alone. She pours him a glass of vodka and as he sits and drinks, she pulls out his stockings. She then put off her phones, and removes the hand piece from the intercom. Sorry, Kunle. She says in her mind. “I hope you know what’s called short circuit?”
Soonest, she is directly behind him, massaging his shoulder as MD rushes his drink and stretches his hands backward, trying to locate her neck, or even her breasts. She turns and sits on his laps, kissing him passionately. MD’s response is fantabulous. It is like a new Managing Director returning with Kinetic energy. She feels his dick touching her flesh, sending her a sensation she enjoys so much.
Kunle’s thought rushes into her mind, but with the speed of lightning, she pushes it off. Raising herself up, she turns her back to her lover, and savors the action that follows. MD suddenly becomes rambunctious as he charges towards her, plugging his manhood like an electric socket, expertly into her from behind. She screams as she supports herself with her hands on her ankles. . MD is running crazy, thrusting so hard his feet are making a “noisy” sound.
“Oh…oh …oh,” she moans, enjoying the roughing from the MD’s in-an-out. Surprisingly, she is climaxing before the MD. What has he done to himself? This is heavenly. “Harder, harder!” she screams. He obeys for a while, but then, stops. “No o o o oo o o o, ” she shouts with an orgasmic pleasure. MD pulls out and faces her. He hugs her. She touches him and finds he is still very hard. Swiftly, he carries her and moves towards the wall, reclining her on it as he finds her organ with his. She screams again and wound her hands around him. He begins to thrust again, hard as she would love it. She feels it going deeper inside, almost the depth the Inspector had achieved.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” she cries and begins to jerk, holding very tightly to the man who is now transformed for a better performance. He grabs her buttocks firmly, and with them does the in-and-out thing until she exhales loudly, eyes closed and then collapses on him.
He carries and lowers her in the bed, still holding onto her sweaty buttocks.
She opens her eyes, and stares at him with a loving smile.
“Best PTA so far,” he says, smiling back.
“Perfect Thrusting Angle (PTA),” she says. “It’s an Open Night, honey.”

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