Majestic Farms Partners Rockwell Energy To Produce Fuel-Less, Power Plants For its Farms

As part of preparations for the takeoff of its integrated farms in Nigeria, Majestic Farms and Food Processing Co, Ltd has signed a memorandum of understanding with Rockwell Energy Ltd, a pioneer in Clog free, Green Energy generation in Nigeria to provide 10 megawatts fuel less, clog free power generators starting with four of its locations in Nigeria.
Mr. Al Humphrey Onyanabo, CEO of Majestic Farms and Food processing Co., Ltd revealed,

‘ We have always appreciated that constant power is key to the success of our operations since our farms will be located in rural areas far from the national grid and we can not afford to run on diesel generations which degrades the environment and depletes the ozone layer’.
“Majestic Farms and Food Processing Co ltd in tandem with its funding partners is concluding plans and will soon start ground breaking on our integrated state of the art farms that comprise the following; a 20 million capacity broiler section in four regions, a one million capacity broiler farm in four regions, 300,000 capacity turkey farm,250,000 capacity duck farm, 100,000 capacity cow ranch and dairy, 200,000 pig farm in two regions, combined 5,000 metric tons a year out door fish and shrimp section, a 200,000 capacity rabbit farm, 500 acre orchid to grow organic apples, grapes, banana, pineapples, mangoes. We will also build 10,000 metric tons inert grain silos in four regions to enhance food storage and reduce wastage. Our start off states are Rivers, Lagos, Ogun, Oyo and Delta states gradually we will spread’.
Mr. Onyanabo said Majestic Farms decided to partner with Rockwell Energy ltd a Nigerian company after carefully considering technology from all over the world.
‘ in going green, we looked at the options of solar, wind and even thermal and their effects on our future operations in terms of the infrastructure needed to run them and we had no choice but run with the Clog free, fuel less technology proposed by Rockwell Energy which is 100 percent sustainable. Most importantly, the ROCKWELL ENERGY clog free technology is budget friendly and produces far more power than we require so we will be able to provide free power at no extra cost to our host communities. This is absolutely a win win for MAJESTIC FARMS’.
PRINCE ISIOMA L. AZIKEN, Chief executive officer of ROCKWELL ENERGY said his company is thrilled at the opportunity to deploy its technology to enhance the agricultural development initiatives of Majestic farms and food processing Co ltd,
He further enumerates the unique benefits of its clog free green power generators;
UNPRECEDENTED SAFETY; Utilizing natural electromagnetic sources, The device has zero emission rate and is absolutely safe for everyday use.
IN HARMONY WITH NATURE; we guarantee that it is all round safe for both the user and communities where they are deployed. The technology works in total harmony with nature – it does not need Fuel, Diesel, Gas, Solar or Wind.
INCREDIBLE DURABILITY; At least 24\7 operations mode. The device is capable of working for 8,000 hours without maintenance.
EASE OF OPERATION. This machine ease easy to operate and can be transported over water or land with minimum effort.
Prince Azikien talks further about the clog free power generation technology,
‘The FUEL LESS POWER PLANT is a result of seven years of research. We created this generator to solve the problem of power outtages, insecurity and non productivity in rural areas due to lack of access to the national power grid.
We were recently awarded full U.S. patent for our 18 – phase split rotor generator. The resulting generator has zero clogging, it has only two wear components – a pair of simple bearings. The epoxy coating magnet has an expected lifespan of 2400 years. Finally, the composite structure is impervious to rust, moreover, it is scalable from tiny to enormous. Unlike slot lets motors, our technology delivers “true zero”, zero cogging torque. That’s because, this gap has stationery laminated ring structure behind the stator so that the rotor has no preferred detent position. Also, the laminations have no variation in reluctance so that the Magnetic Flux runs smoothly through the iron. This gives them exceptional precise rotation and unmatched rotational swiftness’.
He further revealed that The RWER power plant is warranted for 5 years of continuous service lifespan with an expected lifespan of at least twenty five years. The RWER power plant has no parts that wear except two easily replaceable bearings which can last a very long time with proper greasing.
Prince Izikien revealed that partnering with Majestic farms is the First step in its LIGHT UP Nigeria master plan,
‘ we have sent a proposal to the federal government To LIGHT UP Nigeria and take our rural people to the next Level, we propose the installation of 10 Megawatts of our FUEL LESS POWER PLANT, to each of the 774 Local Government areas of Nigeria. We can install 500 kilo watts or 1 megawatt in different locations to create an even spread of power. This will ensure that even the smallest village in Bayelsa, Enugu, Plateau , Katsina or Gombe will enjoy cheap, stress free, sustainable and environmentally friendly, 24 hour power supply every day of the week. With all sense of humility sir, we believe this will be your greatest legacy to the NIGERIAN Masses’.

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