Governor Makinde Continues to Make Human Security Top Priority – Dare Adeleke

Oyo State was gradually descending into a crime zone like its neighborhood state, before the swearing in of Gov. Seyi Makinde as executive governor of the state.
Prior to the 2019 elections, some criminal elements were released from prison to act as political thugs for the opposition and Oyo witnessed a wave of violence culminating in the murder of a House of Assembly member.
There came a rise in kidnapped and the reign of culture for a while.
X-Raying the journey so far, PDP stalwart and Pacesetter Transport company boss, Dare Adeleke, says though security was at its lowest ebb, Governor Seyi Makinde swung into action immediately to bring peace and calm to the people of Oyo State, especially in Ibadan, the state capital. “Ibadan was becoming a hot zone, really. Violence was recorded in many parts of the city,
Ibarapa, Idi-Arere, Bon Photo, Isale Osi…and many others. Cultism among youths was rearing an ugly head but the governor quickly and swiftly put a stop to the menace”

According to Adeleke, Makinde’s first bold a d courageous move to proscribe the activities of the Road Transport Workers Union. A group which had become almost synonymous with violence. “It was a very courageous move because hitherto, the union was seen as untouchable by previous administrations, there was initial resistance but the governor’s tenacity and will power ensured that the order was enforced, you could all see how he was commended by the people of the state who were clearly fed up with the notoriety of the union. The governor instituted Check Park managers, now led by the dynamic Alhaji Mukaila Auxiliary, and there has been orderliness ever since” Adeleke further notes.

“His Excellency instituted the reconstruction and renovation of Pacesetter Transport Service, revamping the Administrative building, Mechanical Workshop and its environs, increasin the fleet of the service to ease the transportation Dilemma hitherto witnessed in the city”

Adeleke points out another of the governor’s bold strategy to instill peace in Oyo State with the remodeling of the existing Operation Burst. “Rather than scrap the security apparatus which was on ground but ineffective due to neglect, Gov Makinde, re – modelled it, equipped it, making available 100 KIA Auto Transmission Vehicles (ATV) equipped with the latest and sophisticated security apparatus to assist security agencies in crime fighting”, the Pacesetter Boss stresses.

He affirms that the governor took it further to the streets, lighting up all the dark areas where criminals hitherto operated and set up a toll free 24hour, 7 day a week toll free number.

“On the larger scale, His Excellency, Seyi Makinde’s effort in ensuring the collective security of the South West cannot be over emphasised”, Adeleke says noting that: “Seyi Makinde played a lead role in the formation of Amotekun.
Many people still believe that the reduction in crimes like kidnappings and invitation of farmlands and killings of farmers have reduced since the formation of Amotekun”

“Governor Seyi Makinde, despite external pressures, in his characteristic bold approach to governance, put his people first and sent the Bill to the House of Assembly which passed the Amotekun Bill into Law”
Admitting that the state is currently battling the world wide pandemic, COVID19 just like most other states in Nigeria, Adeleke commends Makinde for the quick response which has ensured the state is not ravaged by the disease: “He swung into action after recovering from the disease which he contacted at the National Excutive Meeting in Abuja, set up a COVID19 Task force, hot lines and isolation centers. Though not under the ruling party which saw Oyo getting a slight maginalisation, the governor has since instituted a test center, approved and contracted the mass production of Face Masks to local tailors which is being distributed to the people, begun the distribution of palliatives to the poles of the poor, made safety top priority on all the state owned public transportation, like Pacesetters, where all operational staff have protective gear and all passengers hand sanitizers”.

Adeleke notes that Makinde continues to prioritise human security in Oyo State as he records giant strides in other areas including education, massive drive for investments in Agriculture, revamping of social infrastructure, etc.
“There are very few governors in Nigeria today who can boast of achieving a fraction of what his excellency, Seyi Makinde has achieved in One year as governor of Oyo State.”

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