Why APC Have Unleashed Blackmailers in Oyo

The Chairman, Oyo Pacesetters Transport, Dare Adeleke has described the State’s All Progressive Congress, APC, as a bunch of mishievious Leprechauns who are always up to one misadventure or the other in Oyo State.
Adeleke was reacting to the
Oyo APC Professionals’ accusation that the State Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde, sold the recently leased Agbowo Shopping Complex to himself for peanuts, under the guise of leasing it to Messrs Whitestone Global Limited for 50 years.
In a statement issued in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, Adeleke said the APC rather than play the role of credible opposition in Oyo, have instead mounted an obstacle against development in the state: “These set of people who call themselves APC Professionals’ are actually a bunch of Whipper Snappers, who have turned blackmailing into a career.”
“I would advise them to go and look for jobs because anyone that does not understand the concept of Public, Private Partnership, is not living in this modern world.
Have they checked the deed of lease, do they have knowledge of the fine lines of the signed contract? He queried.
Continuing, the Pacesetters Chairman said: “These so called professionals are the same set of devious people who will go behind to demand money of all sorts and when they don’t get it, start fomenting trouble, displaying classic characteristics of blackmailers but we assure them, the government of His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde will not be bothered by detractors as he continues to move Oyo through the part of progress and development”.
Adeleke accused the APC of “anger, envy and jealousy arising from tangible facts on grounds that they failed woefully when they were in government for eight years: “His Excllency, Seyi Makinde has rubbished their so-called tenure in government. Makinde’s laudable achievements in such a short time in government, has exposed the APC as a corrupt, wicked, non-performing party.”
“I will advise these jobless so called APC professions to go and look for jobs. They sound like unserious clowns who can’t even gasp modern concepts of governance”, Adeleke points out.

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