Oyo State: Transport Boss Lambasts SPN Over Unfounded Allegations

Oyo Pacesetters Transport Services Boss, Dare Adeleke has blasted the Socialist Party of Nigeria, (SPN) saying that they are seeking underserved relevance at all cost by attempting to paint Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State in the wrong light.
Adeleke was reacting to a statement issued by the Oyo SPN accusing Governor Makinde of inflating cost of buses approved at the last 29th Executive Council meeting of the state.
The council had resolved to purchase 106 buses at the cost of N9.3bn to support the state’s present Pacesetters fleet and according to the commissioner for Youth and Sport, Mr. Seun Fakorede, the rapid transit system would be involved in interstate services, assist in mobility of agricultural produces and positively impact on the state economy.

However, the SPN in a statement signed by its state secretary, Comrade Ayodeji Adigun accused the governor of inflating the cost of the buses and said among other allegations that the governor aimed to contract the purchase to his friends and cronies,
demanding that the procurement and management of the buses be handled by committee of workers in the Ministry of Public works, infrastructure and Transportation and members of the public.
Lambasting the SPN, Adeleke said: “These people keep trying to form an obstacle in the part of progress. This so called SPN is one party that cannot even boast of a single representative in any part of Nigeria. They have never governed and know nothing about governance. This is a party that has been deregistered by INEC for failing to win any seat across the country and therefore illegal. Instead of putting their house in order, they are collecting cheap money from unscrupulous agents of destabilisation in Oyo State and acting as agents of blackmail to interfer in the glaring progress being witnessed in the State”.
Adeleke again reminded those he calls “enemies of progress” and “detractors of the huge developmental leaps being recorded by His Excellence Seyi Makinde to always do a bit of research before jumping into laughable conclusions.”
“For one, the resolution was taken by the whole of the Executive council and the procurement from available information will be transparent and public. These shady elements bandying such despicable rumours should also note that the dollar rate is not what it was two years or even one year ago”, he said.
“I must also point out, as I’ve always done since this issue came up, that Lagos State purchased 80 buses for N5bn when the cost of the dollar was below N200 to one dollar. Now it is N480 to a dollar. Simple mathematics and common sense is free for those who seek the truth” he noted further.
The Pacesetters Boss advised “the SPN to join the wheel of progress of Seyi Makinde, since it is no longer even a registered political party, rather than eating from the dustbin of the opposition and making unfounded allegations’.

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