“We Can’t Stop Celebrating Him”: Seyi Makinde Lauded on Steady Rise of Oyo State IGR 

“We just can’t stop hyping His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde. Amongst Nigerian Governors, he stands like a Colossus.”
These are the words of one of Governor Seyi Makinde’s strongest supporters and the Chairman, Oyo Pacesetters Transport Services, Dare Adeleke.
Adeleke says, Makinde’s men do not wait for special occasions to reel out his achievements, just as the governor does not slack nor wait for specific time in his drive for massive  transformation of  Oyo State.
According to Adeleke, the half year IGR of Oyo State as released by
‘StatiSense’, an independent data consulting firm with expertise in providing data services, shows how dedicated Seyi Makinde is to the people of Oyo State.
In a statement issued in Ibadan the Oyo State Capital, Adeleke says: “The latest report from Statisence, an independent, unbiased data base organisation, brings a sense of pride to the people of Oyo State and great commitment to His Excellency, Gov Seyi Makinde’s government.
According to the report the
Half -Year IGR – Oyo, rose from N7.83bn in 2016 to N17.7bn in 2020 under the governance of Seyi Makinde.

A cursory look at the report shows that from 2018 – 2020, the IGR peaked and kept rising. This is no mean feat and we expect that by the time we get the annual report, the people of Oyo and Nigerians in general will bear witness to a tremendous rise in the state’s IGR.
Below is the report places the half year IGR for the state from 2016 -2020 as follows:

2016: ₦7.83 billion

2017: ₦10.82 billion [+38.2%]

2018: ₦12.38 billion [+18.6%]

2019: ₦14.06 billion [+14.6%]

2020: ₦17.77 billion [+26.4%]
Speaking further, the Pacesetters boss commended the governor’s dedication to the state’s transport service, re-iterating that the governor has built the transport service from the skeletal structure it met on ground to a modern day transport system any Metropol itan city would be proud of.
“When this government was inaugurated and His Excellency appointed my humble self, the chairman of the Pacesetter Services, what we met on ground were less than 24 delapidated buses. With the support of His Excellency and in line with his promise to provide seamless and effective transportation service for the people of Oyo State, the Pacesetters now has 70 buses. All of them with the exception of the once meant on ground which were repaired and refurbished, are brand new, Leyland and Turkey buses. This has ensured smooth transportation and an ease of life for Oyo Indigenes. 

Still with the people in mind, His Excellency has approved the sum of N9.3bn for the purchase of 106 buses.
Our state  has never been so blessed and we are highly grateful to His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde. On behalf of Pacesetters Transport Services, I  pledge once again never to betray the confidence bestowed upon us by the governor.
We will continue to work towards delivering best practices, transparency and accountability in line with the principles of our governor.”
Adeleke further commends Governor Seyi Makinde for his “exemplary leadership, wisdom  and diplomacy  with which he handled the EndSARS protests.”
“Governor Makinde was on ground from Day 1 of the protests, talking to the youths, identifying with their struggles, providing security for the peaceful protesters and speaking the language they understand. As a man of the people and advocate of peace, that he is, Governor Makinde was there with them. As an action governor, he quickly set up a commission to look into police brutality before other governors did. Because of his leadership, the state did not shut down, neither was there any need for a curfew beyond the fact that schools were ordered to close, for the safety of students.
The EndSARS protests has again endeared Makinde to the people of Oyo State, especially the youths who are being groomed to be leaders of the future.”
As you all know, modern bus terminals have been commissioned, computerised traffic lights to ease traffic and provide security at those points are in the works, massive road repairs, rehabilitation have been done and are still going on. Salaries and pensions are being paid, teachers are receiving their pay, schools have been rehabilitated to world standard, bursaries are being paid, amongst other developmental strides Oyo has witnessed in less than two years of Governor Makinde’s administration”.
“Finally, I will urge all citizens of Oyo State to keep supporting Governor Makinde as I advice detractors to join the train of progress because nothing can stop what God has ordained”, Adeleke concludes.

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