Fayose is a Liar, nobody is after him – Dare Adeleke

When people spread absolute falsehood, it is very important that it is corrected with verifiable facts.
Spokesman to Ex-Governor of Ekiti State, Lere Olayinka confidently and boldly bandied open and deliberate untruths in an interview with lagospostng.com where he trumped up all kinds of diabolical accusations against Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State.
I will try to address the most blatant and most disgusting, one of which
is the highly libelous allegation that Makinde is sponsoring cases against PDP leaders. It is on record that Fayose is the turncoat.

Why is the guilty trying to plant his guilt on another person?
It is no secret that Fayose is the PDP member who openly eulogised Bola Ahmed Tinubu and no matter how much he denies it, even a day old baby is aware that Fayose’s newly developed ‘love affair’ with Bola Tinubu is a desperate strategy to save his neck from the EFCC where his files on charges of fraud, lie.
All men of good conscience know that Gov Makinde has nothing with the cases mentioned by Olayinka. Why can’t Fayose pursue the demons in his shadow without mentioning Makinde all the time? Same Here Olayinka who accuses people of selling the party to the opposition was
with Agboola Ajayi, just last week Did Agboola not pay him thank you visit? Did Olayinka not publicly wear Agboola’s T-shirt during Ondo election?

The purported NEC adoption of Fayose’s EXCO, is ruse.

The fact is that, the case is still in court. There was no such adoption at the 90th NEC meeting. It is all in Let Olayinka and his principal’s imagination.

I must warn the unruly desperados in Fayose’s camp to stop blackmailing Seyi Makinde or else we at PDP Oyo, will take legal actions.
Still on the damning accusations of selling the party to the opposition,
Did Wale Hammed not decamp to APC? To claim that Hammad did so because of his closeness to Bode George, a renowned PDP irredentist, makes one question his sanity these days. Perhaps he needs a bed in Aro Psychiatric hospital.
Deji Doherty who was with the Bode George and eventually became chairman of PDP, Lagos is from Ekiti. Why Lagos are still accommodating non-indigenes is best known to them however it is no secret that Doherty’s ‘friendship’ with the APC is highly suspicious.
For Fayose’s lackey to be disrespectful to Chief Bode George shows that he has learned a lot of bad manners from his boss.

Accusing Bode George of selling out is indeed unpalatable and insulting. So, if anyone leaves the PDP, it becomes Bode George’s problem? What a madness, indeed, from the Lere Olayinka! How many times did his principal, Ayo Fayose decamp to ACN and Labour Party? Does he also suffer from selective amnesia?
Is it not Fayose who is mobilising the likes of Doherty others against the party? It’s funny when a thief being pursued by a mob turns around and starts shouting ‘Thief’!
I seriously advice Fayose and his media hounds to steer clear from Seyi Makinde henceforth or we will meet them accusation for accusation and of course expose all their dirty linen in public.

Fayose himself knows that Seyi Makinde is our shinning star. We shall do everything to protect, South West Pride.
Fayose, is an embodiment of fake life and is known for being highly disrespectful.

Dare Adeleke

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