Stop Maligning Governor Seyi Makinde – Dare Adeleke Warns Diran Odeyemi

“Why is the Hare running when nobody is pursuing it? Why do they want to burn the whole bush because one dissident is beating drums of treachery?”
These are the words of Oyo PDP stalwart, Dare Adeleke, while reacting to the latest attacks against Oyo State Governor and leader of the PDP South West zone, Engr Seyi Makinde.
Adeleke who is the chairman, Oyo Pacesetters Transport was reacting to a radio interview where Diran Odeyemi, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the PDP accused Makinde of non -inclusion of some party members in what he called ‘his style of leadership’.
Adeleke described Odeyemi who stated that Makinde will have himself to blame if the crises in the South West festers, as a dissident and an ally of Ayodele Fayose.
“It is Fayose who has been fomenting all kinds of troubles and planting seeds of discord in the minds of party members for his own selfish and treacherous purposes” Adeleke notes.

He further warned that attacking Makinde and fanning embers of disunity will not be productive in anyway to them and their skewed agenda. “Their noise will not bring Saraki’s National Reconciliation team to their door step”
“The fact of the matter is that Diran Odeyemi does not have the kind of opportunity he had during Gov Akala’s government anymore. Despite not hailing from Oyo state, he enjoyed being special adviser to the Ex-Governor. However, how did he pay back his benefactor, just like Fayose who consistently betrays those who are instrumental to his success, Odeyemi turned his back on Akala and became his ardent enemy soon as he left office”.
Adeleke advised Odeyemi and his cohorts to stop pursuing their misadventure of trying to polarise the South West PDP and maligning the good name of the legitimate leader of the South West PDP, Seyi Makinde, saying: “No amount of distraction can derail the good leadership Makinde is already projecting in the zone”.

Dare Adeleke

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