Concerned Party Member Calls on PDP NWC to Check Fayose Before He Decimates South West Zone

The gains made by the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in the 2019 General elections where it was able to capture states controlled by the All Progressives People’s Congress, APC, may be lost if the party does not check the excesses of some of it’s leaders with dispatch.
That the party is heading towards serious polarisation in the South West, is becoming a reality by the day.
Rumours that one of the party’s leaders, Ayodele Fayose has begun to romance Lagos APC strongman, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is raising unease and concern within the party ranks.
Fayose who was two time governor of Ekiti state had publicly acknowledged his allegiance to Tinubu and even openly declared the just concluded Edo election victorious for the APC before the elections we’re held and indeed the PDP lost the elections.
The bone of contention within the party now is leadership of the zone. While Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has been unanimously crowned the leader of the PDP South West Zone, Fayose who underground sources say has been recruited by Tinubu to deliver the zone to him in 2023, in his bid to become Nigeria’s next president, is doing everything to usurp power from Makinde.
Penultimate week, the leaders of Ogun PDP went visiting Fayose and pledged solidarity with him.
Wednesday this week, the Osun PDP re-enacted the visit of the Ogun PDP EXCO and pledged their support.
Ostensibly, their visit is not unconnected to the Zonal Congress coming up soon.

They praised Fayose for: “The Unity rezoning formula for the South West Zonal Congress while we are also saying that we are with him and will remain with him and with his leadership in repositioning the party in the zone.”
They also resolved to support and vote for Dr. Eddy Olafeso Zonal Chairman at the Zonal Congress and our own Rev. Bunmi Jenyo as the Zonal Secretary.”
Reacting to this latest news, PDP stalwart and staunch supporter of Seyi Makinde, Dare Adeleke stated that he is very worried about the direction Fayose is taking the party and urges the National Working Committee, NCW to take immediate action so the party does not plunge into disarray in the zone.
He said:
“It’s about time the NWC takes a firm decision on the actions of these unruly party members, and stop them from these damaging actions of the PDP in the South West.

On statements made by the Osun PDP Secretary on the rezoning by Fayose, Adeleke wonders who gave Fayose the power to rezone the Congress: “Are they trying to plunge the party into total disorder? Can the Osun PDP tell us where did their paymaster, Ayo Fayose derived power from, to zone the Executives of South West Zonal Congress or does Tinubu now dictate what happens in the PDP so much as to override the Constitution of the party?
Adeleke described the whole actions of the Ogun and Osun PDP as “a complete waste of time because the party constitution supercedes any individual.”
“The NWC must act now before it is too late”, he points out.

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