Covid-19 Vaccine gives you one year immunity -Moderna

Immunity from Moderna Inc’s COVID-19 vaccine should last at least a year, the company said yesterday at the ongoing J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference in the United States.

The drugmaker said it was confident that the messenger RNA (mRNA) technology it used was well suited to deploy a vaccine based on the new variant of the coronavirus which has emerged in a handful of countries, Reuters reports.

Thee company’s vaccine, mRNA-1273, uses synthetic mRNA to mimic the surface of the coronavirus and teach the immune system to recognize and neutralize it. Moderna said in December it would run tests to confirm the vaccine’s activity against any strain.

For Pfizer’s BioNTech vaccine, most likely the option to be widely used in Nigeria, duration of immunity is currently unknown, as more time is needed to study immune response to the vaccine. Both vaccines require two doses apart to optimize efficacy.

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