Shut Your Trap or I Will Expose You Further – Dare Adeleke Warns Diran Odeyemi

The foolishness of the vain braggart, Diran Odeyemi truly knows no end.
An empty barrel whose only pastime is scrounging for spoils like a vulture that he is.
Diran Odeyemi seems to believe that the more he tells his lies, the more people will believe or is he so delusional he has started believing his lies himself?
Odeyemi has forgotten so soon that there are actually records detailing how he was awarded a contract by Governor Seyi Makinde. He also seems to have forgotten that this is the new age, a technology driven world where everything is captured. Does he now want me to roll out the tanks?
A filthy ingrate dares to call other people names?
Does he really think anybody reckons with him? Odeyemi is lower than a worm, actually, he would need a ladder to climb to the back of a worm, that’s how insignificant he is.
A lout and a beggar has the temerity to chase clout with the name of someone whose sandals he is not worthy to lace.
Diran, stop calling the name Jesus, you are committing the most heinous sin comparing your treachery and low life miserable existence to the Lord Jesus Christ. You belong to the level of Judas Iscariot. That is who you emulate and follow. Shut your dirty trap before your skeletons are thrown open for all to see.
I can see that this your misguided boldness is derived from the pitiable morsel they have thrown your way again but let it sink today, you have taken on a fight you cannot win.

In the fool’s paradise you have now found yourself,
you have forgotten that it took Otunba Iyaola Omisore’s kindness before you could buy the form for deputy national publicity Secretary.
Yet, you have been at the PDP acting like an un-schooled street urchin and tout. Have you forgotten how you got the beating of your life at the PDP secretariat after one of your nasty behaviours like an Agbero that you are?

We all know why Odeyemi is so bitterly aggrieved and it is because after several attempts of begging for forgiveness from Seyi Makinde, he has been blanked out. Nobody wants a nuisance around him, a scoundrel who comes crawling on his knees but goes away only to betray his benefactors again and again. A leech who has no shame.
Odeyemi is one of those who conjure enemies when infact they are as inconsequential as specks of dust. I hereby warn Odeyemi to keep his stinky mouth shut. If he makes another statement, I will roll out the tanks and he knows what that means.

Let me give a couple of teasers:
*Seyi Makinde, paid Odeyemi’s house rent for years.

*Just 2 weeks ago, Odeyemi was at the gate of the Governor’s house but of course he was refused entry by dutiful security men.

These are just two. I have a box load of them. Odeyemi should keep shut his lousy trap, else I will not only unleash the truth but also provide facts and evidence.

Diran Odeyemi is such a nonentity, even his Facebook shows how unimportant he is. Whereas he should have followers as the PDP Deptuty National Publicity Secretary, Odeyemi’s Facebook page is not different from that of the Gate man at Wadata Plaza. Shows that nobody takes empty vessels seriously, especially one who is pumped up with fictitious lies.
Odeyemi is known as an embodiment of fiction and every one knows his trait and penchant for turning his disturbed dreams into stories he thinks people believe. Odeyemi is clearly a disturbed mind who needs psychological help.

Dare Adeleke

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