Like Muhammadu Buhari, Like Big Brother Naija : A BBC OPINION

The BBC has compared President Muhammadu Buhari’s absence in Nigeria to the filming of reality show, Big Brother Naija in South Africa.
President Buhari’s medical vacation continues to generate reactions
News monitored on states that the BBC observed that the popular reality show kicked off about the same period the president commenced his medical vacation in the United Kingdom.
‘’Both subjects were soon generating headlines for the same reason – neither of them were in Nigeria,’’ the report stated.
The report noted that while the howls of protests from outraged Big Brother fans soon died down, the clamour over Buhari’s extended medical stay in London is not going away.
And unlike Big Brother, there are no constant updates – in fact, President Buhari, 74, has not given a single interview since arriving in the UK.
Instead, the Nigerian public has to make do with pictures posted on the president’s meeting senior government officials as proof that he still is alive.
Last June, President Buhari spent nearly two weeks in London receiving treatment for an ear infection.
But the bigger issue this time is that officials have repeatedly refused to disclose his illness and are not saying when he will return.

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