Exclusive: Bode George Reconciles Oyo State PDP in All Night Meeting at Ibadan

Oyo Pacesetters Transport Company Chairman, Dare Adeleke has lauded one of  PDP Founding Members, Bode George’s  initiative to reconcile party members in Oyo State and disclosed that the reconciliation meeting which held in Ibadan, Friday, March 26, 2021, was a resounding success.

Adeleke described the move as apt and timely as the party cannot afford to be divided at such a critical time:
“As the nation pushes towards 2023 and various parties are gearing up for the elections, especially at the national level, we need one house as we can only achieve  greatness as one unified entity. I applaud Chief Bode George’s initiative for deeming it fit to bring everyone on board with the Starboy’ of the South West Zone, His Seyi Excellency, Gov. Seyi Makinde. Chief George is one of the most respected leaders of the PDP who has spent time and resources in building the party from it’s formation. We welcome his largeness of heart in coming to Ibadan to help us settle issues. In Oyo, the PDP is one family. We may have our differences but we are one family. Even the tongue and teeth sometimes quarrel but without both an individual cannot function.”

Reacting to a group which calls itself PDP Oyo Like Minds statement warning Chief Bode George to steer clear of Oyo politics, Adeleke says the group is being fronted by faceless people working for disgruntled politicians who know they cannot withstand a united Oyo, but they have now been put to shame:

“We have reconciled our members yesterday. The meeting ended around 5am. We are brothers and those who tried to stop the meeting were put into shame. Chief Olabode Ibiyinka George, is truly a pathfinder and a worthy leader. I thank the Governor of Oyo state for being magnanimous as a leader and father of PDP in South West. The former deputy  governor of Oyo state, Alhaji Barrister Gbolarumi Azim, Baba Dr Adegbite Saka Balogun, Chief Alhaji Nureni Akanbi to mention few who were present, are truly very worthy leaders of our great party. Today, we are singing a new song. We have over come while our detractors shall continue to bite their fingers. By this move, we have shown that we  are truly a Pacesetters.”

Seyi Makinde

He said Oyo members accepted Chief Bode George’s invitation in very good faith: “I cannot understand why it is the headache of these group of politicians who want to hijack the party in the South West Zone.
The world can now see that APC and their mole, Ayo Fayose are jittery over a unified PDP in Oyo State.”
The PDP Like Minds group had faulted Chief Bode George’s reconciliation move alleging that the former PDP National Chairman and BOT has not been able to settle the Lagos factions of the party, mainly his, Bode Goerge’s faction and that of the Lagos Chairman, Deji Doherty.
Responding to this opinion, Adeleke states that there are no factions in the Lagos PDP as that had since been taken care of saying that moreover, Bode George is a national leader:
“Chief Bode George is a national leader who has always played a fatherly role to all party members in the South West. As a founding member of the PDP, he has never sat back when there are issues. He will never allow the party flounder in the zone and that is why some people who have sold out their souls to the APC are afraid.

Dare Adeleke

I hereby appeal to all PDP Oyo members to disregard the so called faceless Oyo Like Minds and their  sponsors. I am very happy that Oyo PDP is now ready to launch a unified front on all issues.”

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