S/W PDP Zonal Congress: We Thank NWC For Dino Melaiye and His Team – Dare Adeleke

In a Swift response to a group of PDP members contesting the appointment of Senator Dino Melaiye as a member of the Screening committee of the on-coming PDP South West Congress, a Chieftain of the party in Oyo State has questioned what exactly Fayose wants.
Dare Adeleke who has been highly critical of the ex-Ekiti governor and his diversionary tactics, in a phone call to this reporter Friday evening, reacted to Fayose and his group’s resistance to the inclusion of Dino Melaye in the screening committee. Fayose’s group had insisted that Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe was their preferred man for the job.
Fayose’s group comprising of Senator Ademola Adeleke, Hon Ladi Adebutu and Dr Eddy Olafeso in a statement stated that the NWC of the PDP had told them that Abaribe would chair the screening and kicked against Dino Melaye.
An obviously miffed Dare Adeleke wonders why Fayose keeps talking about equity when he has not exhibited the slightest form of fairness or decorum in the weeks leading to the Congress.
He said:
“Let’s ask Fayose where was the equity and fairness when he insisted that the PDP Congress should be taken away from Oyo, a PDP state?
According to Adeleke, Fayose has an open agenda which has been carpeted by the good reasoning of people of conscience:
“His agenda is known to everyone. How can Ayo Fayose call the governor to his house for a meeting? Who does he really think he is?
Tell Fayose that if he wishes to contest any position, he should come out and do so, rather than being childish and destructive.

“We thank the NWC, for giving us Senator Dino Melaiye and his team for the Screening committee” Adeleke stressed.
“It is shameful for Fayose to be fouling the peaceful atmosphere of the party.” Adeleke said.
Adeleke who has never shied from accusing Fayose of treachery gives a below the belt revelation: “Everybody knows Fayose is having an appointment with Tinubu tonight. We don’t want to be the trade off and we will not be. He has failed.”

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