Arapaja Victory: Dare Adeleke Thanks Supporters, Assures Defeat of APC

My dear comrades and compatriots,
The past weeks have been a very adventurous and fulfilling journey. We have learned, we have worked, we have reconciled on the table of brotherhood, working towards the same cause, forging a stronger PDP in the South West and supporting the best man for the job.
I would like to thank all members of the PDP and everyone who worked and walked with us to ensure that the chairmanship of the South West PDP is in the good hands of a man of impeccable integrity, Ambassador Taofeeq Oladejo Arapaja.
Your support ensured victory for Ambassador Arapaja, who is best positioned to take the PDP to greater heights in the crucial months to come.
I am very sure as I give you the assurance that your expectations shall not be dashed. You will not be disappointed.
All through his campaign tour, Ambassador Arapaja made reconciliation the central point of his stewardship giving firm promises that other contestants will be surly have a role to play. Ambassador Arapaja is a unifier and everyone should be ready to take over power from the failing APC. The APC have turned ground our economy to rubbles. Imagine the revelation from Obaseki about the printing over N60bn to support allocation to states. The fact is, Nigeria is in a mess, economic mess, security mess, social mess, under the APC.
We need to start sincere reconciliation. Our Leader Engr Seyi Makinde, will definitely lead the assault against the APC charlatans. We will not allow them to divide us, we are indivisible family.
We are set for victory.
I plead with all of us to continue in the spirit of oneness as we proceed on this journey.
May God Bless you all.

Dare Adeleke

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