UK Set to Enforce Ban on Foreign Students Bringing Family, Exempting PhD Students

The United Kingdom is preparing to introduce new measures that will prohibit foreign students from bringing their families to Britain, as reported by The Sun UK.

The ban will apply to most postgraduate students, including masters students, but will not affect PhD students, whose courses typically last between 3 and 5 years and involve high levels of expertise.

The decision comes amidst reports of a significant surge in net migration to the UK, reaching 1 million individuals, prompting concerns from Tory MPs who are urging Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to address the escalating numbers. The Sun’s report indicates that Sunak is expected to take a firm stance on immigration, emphasizing that these figures predate his tenure as they are from the period ending December 2022, just two months after he assumed office.

There has been a substantial rise in the number of individuals using their relatives’ student visas as a means to enter Britain.

Last year alone, students brought 135,788 family members to the country, which is nine times more than the figure recorded in 2019. Notably, 59,053 Nigerian students were responsible for bringing over 60,923 relatives during the same period.

The announcement of this immigration clampdown is anticipated to occur on either Tuesday or Wednesday. For press releases, statements, and advert inquiries, please contact

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