The Good Tidings Church in Abuja has recently been engulfed in a storm of scandal, with its Founding Pastor, Dayo Olutayo, at the center of the controversy. Pastor Olutayo, who is the brother-in-law of Bishop Oyedepo, the General Overseer of Winners Chapel where he previously served, is facing serious allegations of infidelity and moral misconduct.

Please find the complete story below, as reported by Quick News Nigeria.

The allegations against Pastor Olutayo surfaced after his wife, Mrs. Bolu Olutayo, reportedly found herself expelled from their marital home, allegedly due to another female church member who has allegedly taken her place beside her husband.

The most recent accusation involves an alleged affair between Pastor Olutayo and a church member named Annabelle.

According to sources, Annabelle is said to be enjoying a luxurious lifestyle, allegedly funded by the pastor. It is claimed that he has rented a lavish house worth N3.5 million per annum for her in one of Abuja’s upscale neighborhoods, gifted her a Mercedes Benz SUV, and provided financial support for her business ventures.Insiders close to both parties have shed light on a different narrative, suggesting that Pastor Olutayo allegedly fabricated negative stories about his wife to justify her expulsion while engaging in a relationship with Annabelle.

One long-time worshipper, who has been associated with the church for over a decade, revealed, “Initially, we all blamed Mummy Bolu until we realized that Pastor Olutayo was manipulating the entire church. In fact, we discovered that on the day he locked his wife out, it was because his new mistress, Annabelle, was inside the house.”Investigations have also uncovered previous instances of infidelity involving Pastor Olutayo.

A woman named Geraldine, a former member of the church, allegedly bore two children for him.

Sources allege that when Pastor Olutayo’s wife discovered the first pregnancy and birth, he attributed it to the influence of the devil. It is alleged that he bought Geraldine a house in the UK using church funds and continues to provide financial support for her and the children.

Additionally, another woman, who worked as an usher at the church, reportedly left due to guilt whenever she encountered Mrs. Bolu. She is also alleged to have given birth to a child fathered by Pastor Olutayo.

Church members are growing increasingly concerned about Pastor Olutayo’s association with controversial preacher Joshua Iginla, who himself faced allegations of misconduct and expelled his own wife in the past. The members have observed changes in Pastor Olutayo’s behavior, witnessing him adopt a more extravagant lifestyle and engage in unfamiliar spiritual rituals within the church.

According to some members, substantial donations were made and personal possessions were sold with the belief that the funds would be used to establish a Center of Compassion—a charity home. However, Pastor Olutayo reportedly used the funds to build a school in Illorin and took control of the church’s schools in Abuja and Illorin, sidelining his wife.

The scandal has left church members divided, with some vowing to leave the church and expose further secrets unless Pastor Olutayo repents, reconciles with his wife, or provides her with a fair settlement.

QuickNews Nigeria reached out to Pastor Olutayo for comment but did not receive a response to the text messages.

To protect the identities of the minors involved, QuickNews Nigeria has censored the photographs used in this report.

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