Undoubtedly, the name Dare Adeleke has resonated on the Oyo political forte for over two decades, impacting on both public life and the political sphere of the state.

With a Masters Degree in History and International Relations, the journey into politics started in earnest for the young Adeleke when Nigerian transited into it’s third democratic experience in 1999. It was indeed a new dawn for the country after many years of military rule and upheavals.

Nigeria saw the birth of many political parties and Dare Adeleke was one of the founding members of the party which eventually produced the president, President Olusegun Obasanjo, ushering in a new era for a democratic Nigeria.

Adeleke, a man who burns with passion for his people, became the very first South West Zone Youth Leader of the PDP.

He would continue rising as he was appointed Special Adviser by the late Governor Akala of Oyo State, after which he began consolidating his political journey so far.

It is on record that Adeleke served as delegate of all the presidential conventions of the PDP and has served in several committee across the South West Zone, including many peace and reconcilation committees both on zonal and national levels.

A closer look at the life and political journey of Dare Adeleke will reveal a courageous man who has transformed Ibadan’s grassroots political landscape and one whose name has become synonymous with grassroots politics.

Adeleke is a force to reckon with in his constituency, the Ibadan South East.

There is no politician either in the various levels of governance or those who have vied, who was not assisted by Dare Adeleke ‘s large reppatoire and political goodwill.

Today, Adeleke is not only a close ally of the widely accepted Oyo State Governor, Oluseyi Makinde but also viewed as one of his loyalists.

If ever loyalty was a human being, loyalty would be Dare Adeleke. In the thick of controversies, crises, mudslinging by the opposition, natural and man made emergencies, Adeleke stood firmly by his governor, friend and brother.

Where other allies remained silent, Adeleke came out like a warrior, each time, in defence of the executive Governor. One of such times was the Sunday Igboho insurrection. An incident which was a clear test of the governor’s democratic credentials. While it remains on record that Seyi Makinde proved his mettle as a thorough democrat, diplomat and a no nonsense leader, it is also noteworthy that Adeleke was one of the few men behind his General in that battle which threatened a total break down of law and order. They say those who are silent in the face of anarchy are quiet instigators, Adeleke is not such. He is a politician who wears his heart on his sleeves. Afraid of non but respectful of all. There was no war fought and won by Seyi Makinde that he could not look back and see his trusted ally, Dare Adeleke.

As a public servant, Adeleke proved his mettle at the Oyo Pacesetters Transport Company, where he served as Executive Chairman.

For the first time in the history of the state, Governor Seyi Makinde proved that public institutions are not just guzzlers of state money but can also be contributors to the states coffers.

Pacesetters became a service which not only provided easy and cheap transportation but also a commercial venture which ran itself and refunded profit to government.

It is to Adeleke’s credit as an administrator per-excellence that at the end of his tenure, he handed over a financially healthy and an infrastructural befitting company back to government. A company that once was a death bed of automobiles has become a pride of Oyo State.

A man loved by his people, Dare Power as he is fondly called by friends and admirers, the grassroots galvanizer and political steamroller is a man of many parts: A hard worker who believes there are no impossibilities, a man of the people, who is loved for his philanthropy and kindness, a man of integrity known for honesty and frankness, a man with whom there are no two edges, a man to whom family is sacred, a man who’s not afraid to speak his mind and correct anyone, no matter whose ox is gored, a leader who delivers each and every time but above all, a man who places loyalty above all else and a man who will never betray his constituency, allies, beliefs and country.

The Ibadan Youth Solidarity Movement, IYSM have indeed followed and supported our great leader, Honourable Dare Adeleke on his political journey so far and we are proud of having such a noble man in our state.

Adeleke is a man tested and trusted and we are confident that his service is still needed in Nigeria, even at the Federal level.

We therefore wish he will be lifted into even higher positions in this second term as we advice Governor Seyi Makinde that it is rare to find men of such courage who will stand with you each time, no matter how daunting the battle.

A man who has scored excellent marks on all indexes, deserves reward.

We implore the governor to continue to reward loyalty, brevity, integrity and accountability for he himself is such a man.

Opinion Witten by Moshood Adebayo, the General Secretary
Ibadan Youth Solidarity Movement


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