When a man endeavors too ardently to convince others of his identity, he inevitably raises doubts about his true character.

Indeed, Ayodele Fayose’s recent wrestling match with his conscience is perplexing at best.

The former Ekiti State governor, renowned for his garrulous and shifty demeanor, is once again jeopardizing his party, the PDP, in the upcoming Ekiti election.

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Fayose’s attempts to deceive are transparent to everyone but himself.

If this weren’t such a serious matter, we might dismiss him as a mere circus clown. But Ayo Fayose is no clown; he is a dangerous and treacherous figure whose actions threaten the very existence of our esteemed party, the PDP.

We cannot forget how Fayose openly supported the APC during the last presidential elections, audaciously declaring his allegiance to Tinubu, ‘his friend’.

While he may have escaped consequences then, his recent antics in Ekiti demand attention from the party.

Fayose, the architect of stomach infrastructure, is not only betraying his party by indulging in opposition favors but is now attempting to sow discord within the party ranks. His aim is to disrupt the PDP in favor of his APC associates.

Let us not be deceived by Fayose’s sudden display of generosity, promising hefty donations for ward elections. When has Ayo Fayose ever demonstrated philanthropy before? What is the true motive behind his suspicious largesse?

One must question why Fayose’s generosity coincides with his public endorsement of Governor Biodun Oyebanji. Is it mere coincidence that Fayose develops friendships with APC members during elections?

His praise of Governor Oyebanji’s administration is nothing short of campaigning for the opposition.

Fayose’s flashing of N50m to his constituents is a blatant betrayal served on a false platter.

It is imperative that we do not allow Fayose’s Trojan Horse to enter the city gates and spread chaos.

The PDP cannot afford to tolerate such disrespect from a man who has gained so much from the party. Fayose has crossed the line; it is time for the party to expel him before he inflicts further damage in the Ondo and Ekiti elections.

With allegations that the APC in Ekiti has a former governor of Ekiti State N11bn to ensure that at least about 70% APC loyalists are elected in positions at the next PDP congress in the state, Fayose’s sudden ‘love’ for the ‘less privileged’, is becoming clearer.

This is not the first call for Fayose’s expulsion, and it must not be ignored any longer. The time to act is now.


Akin Akingbade

General Secretary,

Ibadan Youth Vanguard.


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