Anambra Jamb Result Manipulation Confirmed…

A comprehensive investigation conducted by the Anambra Panel has confirmed the manipulation of Mmesoma Ejikeme’s JAMB result. The panel, commissioned by the Anambra State Government, has released in-depth findings shedding light on the matter.

“The panel’s findings have confirmed that Mmesoma Ejikeme indeed tampered with her UTME score,” stated a member of the inquiry panel commissioned by the Anambra State Government.

The revelation came after the print media reported Mmesoma’s claim of achieving the highest score of 362, which was later exposed by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) as manipulated.

“The eight-member panel, appointed by Governor Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, conducted a thorough investigation into the ongoing JAMB controversy surrounding Mmesoma,” the source continued.

According to the panel’s eight-page report, Mmesoma submitted a request to JAMB using a different registration number, falsely presenting an aggregate score of 362. However, the standard JAMB format revealed her actual score to be 249. Mmesoma herself admitted to manipulating the results using her phone.

During the investigation, the panel conducted interviews with various parties involved, including Mmesoma, JAMB officials, and the principal of Anglican Girls Secondary School, where Mmesoma is a student. These interviews provided additional evidence supporting the panel’s findings.

The report includes several recommendations to rectify the situation. It calls for Mmesoma to issue a written apology to JAMB, her school (Anglican Girls’ Secondary School, Uruagu Nnewi), and the state government. Furthermore, the panel suggests that she undergo psychological counseling and therapy, emphasizing her awareness of the true score of 249.

The report, titled “Report of the Committee on Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma’s JAMB Score Controversy,” was made public by the Commissioner for Information, Sir Paul Nwosu, on behalf of Governor Prof. Chukwuma Soludo.

The panel expressed gratitude to JAMB for their cooperation throughout the investigation and hopes that the revelation of the truth will dispel misconceptions and correct the deception surrounding the case. The panel’s findings revealed that Mmesoma had submitted a request to JAMB with a different registration number, providing a UTME result claiming an aggregate score of 362.

However, these results deviated significantly from the standard JAMB format, ultimately exposing her actual score of 249.

“The result paraded by Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma with an aggregate score of 362 is fake,” stated the panel’s report, pointing out variations in registration number, date of birth, and center name as evidence of the fraud.

“Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma admitted that she manipulated the fake results herself, using her phone,” the report further revealed.

The principal of Anglican Girls’ Secondary School expressed dismay at Mmesoma’s conduct, supporting the findings of the panel’s investigation.

The controversy began when Mmesoma protested to the state government, claiming that her score of 362 should have been recognized as the highest. The governor subsequently formed the inquiry panel to investigate the matter and address public concerns.

During the interactive session with the committee, JAMB officials presented evidence of Mmesoma’s multiple requests for her results, which consistently showed a score of 249. The candidate was well aware of her correct score, despite submitting manipulated results to JAMB.

The panel’s report recommended corrective measures, including Mmesoma’s written apologies and psychological support, to address the consequences of her actions.

The committee expressed hope that the uncovering of the truth would correct public misconceptions and put an end to the deception surrounding the case. They conveyed gratitude to the governor for establishing the committee and placing trust in their work.

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