Renowned entrepreneur and music artist, Mr Eazi, has recently announced his foray into the real estate sector with an ambitious housing estate project underway in the vibrant city of Kigali, Rwanda. Demonstrating his commitment to sustainable urban development, Mr Eazi aims to provide modern, affordable housing options for residents of Kigali.

In addition to his ventures in real estate, Mr Eazi has diversified his investment portfolio by acquiring shares in the Cape Town Tigers, a prominent South African basketball club. Through this strategic move, he not only supports the growth of sports in the region but also actively engages in the development of sporting talent.

Mr Eazi’s entrepreneurial spirit has propelled him to the forefront of various industries, as he currently holds the esteemed position of CEO at BetPawa.

Under his leadership, the company has secured a lucrative $6 million sponsorship deal with the Ghana Premier League, solidifying its commitment to promoting and uplifting football in the country.

Furthermore, Mr Eazi’s entrepreneurial prowess extends to his ownership of multiple successful enterprises, including emPawa, Banku Music, Zagadat Capital, and PawaPay.

Through these ventures, he continues to foster innovation and growth, leveraging his expertise and business acumen to create opportunities within the entertainment, financial, and investment sectors.

Mr Eazi’s multifaceted ventures not only highlight his business acumen but also underscore his dedication to making a positive impact across diverse industries.

As he ventures into real estate development, expands his sports investments, and nurtures thriving enterprises, Mr Eazi’s influence continues to extend far beyond the realm of music, shaping various sectors and empowering communities across the globe.

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