AG Apparel, a prominent Nigerian fashion brand based in Abuja, has teamed up with the Nigerian University Games Association (NUGA) to kit the Nigerian team participating in this year’s World University Games in Chengdu, China. Departing for the games, the athletes are exuding pride in their stylish AG Apparel outfits, enhancing their overall appearance.

What sets this collaboration apart is the creative genius behind AG Apparel’s designs – a 13-year-old Nigerian fashion prodigy named Abayomi George Adekojo. Despite his young age, Abayomi has managed to take the Nigerian elite circles by storm with his exceptional talent. The brand boasts a dedicated following among esteemed figures, including senators, top corporate leaders, and various influential personalities across society.

Even sporting enthusiasts at Nigeria’s Polo, Golf, and Tennis grounds can be spotted donning AG Apparel collections.Beyond the world of sports, Abayomi’s expertise extends to casual wear, earning him widespread acclaim and admiration from fashion enthusiasts all over Nigeria.

Remarkably, at just 13 years old, he is already a successful business owner, with impressive achievements to his name. Abayomi’s unique vision and innovation have captivated audiences, leaving no doubt that he is destined for even greater success. The fashion world should keep a keen eye on this budding talent, as he is poised to make significant waves on the global stage.

As for NUGA, its journey began in July 1965, following the successful 1st West African University Games held at the University of Ibadan earlier that year. Subsequently, in 1966, the inaugural Nigerian University Games took place at the University of Ibadan, marking the beginning of a remarkable legacy. Since then, NUGA has consistently grown and evolved, showcasing the talent and potential of Nigerian university athletes on various prestigious platforms.

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