Following heavy rainfall on Friday, a distressing incident occurred at Trademore Estate in Abuja, as a corpse was recovered from a canal near the estate’s entrance.

The estate, situated in the Lugbe area along the airport road, was severely flooded, resulting in significant damage to houses, vehicles, shops, and other properties.

On Saturday morning, during a visit by Paparazzi Online, it was observed that the residents were grappling with the aftermath of the flood.

As our reporter engaged with the estate’s inhabitants, a startling discovery took place. Residents uncovered a lifeless body trapped beneath the drain pathway near the estate entrance.

Alhaji Ashiru, a newly assigned police inspector in the area, who was sharing his own devastating experience of losing all his belongings to the flood, hurriedly joined other residents to retrieve the corpse from the canal.

Several witnesses recognized the deceased as the man they had seen struggling to escape from his sky-blue Peugeot 406 when the floodwaters surged.

One motorcyclist recounted, “We saw him on top of his vehicle, trying to avoid the flood, but later we did not see him again.” Audu Faruk, a resident and witness to the flood disaster, disclosed that he witnessed multiple bodies being carried away by the forceful floodwaters, although he managed to rescue only a few individuals.

Faruk described the horrifying experience, stating, “I was asleep when the flood started, and suddenly I saw my bed floating. I rushed outside and found water everywhere. I rescued a heavily pregnant woman and children, but unfortunately, some people were swept away.”

Tragically, the residents of Trademore Estate endure such floods annually during the rainy season. Last year, a similar incident claimed numerous lives, with residents considering it the worst in the past decade.

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