Dare Adeleke, a prominent member of the Oyo chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), once again expressed his disapproval of the criticisms directed at Chief Bode George regarding his views on past and present presidents from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

In a telephone interview with our reporter, speaking from his base in Ibadan, Adeleke expressed his concern about the apparent lack of comprehension among some individuals. “I am genuinely perplexed by the state of the education system in Nigeria. It seems that some people either struggle to understand simple English or intentionally engage in malicious behavior,” he remarked.

Adeleke vehemently dismissed the claims that Chief Bode George worked for President Tinubu during the recent elections, describing such assertions as baseless. “It is truly bewildering that people continue to make such insipid and nonsensical statements. They sound like incoherent ramblings stemming from vacuous minds. How can someone who has dedicated himself to the PDP at both state and national levels since the party’s inception be accused of working against it?”

He went on to question the loyalty of those making such accusations. “If I may inquire, how many individuals have remained loyal to the PDP since its establishment? Through thick and thin, Bode George has consistently been there, offering constructive criticism at every level. Are these people simply driven by mischief, or are they being misled by ulterior motives?”

Adeleke also expressed doubt about whether those spreading the misleading narratives had actually read the interview that sparked these controversies. “Once again, I took the time this morning to read the news report. Chief Bode George criticized former President Buhari for his failures across various fronts, such as neglecting the National Confab report, the worsening security situation, his flawed economic policies, and particularly the questionable election that led to Tinubu’s presidency. Additionally, Chief George expressed confidence in the PDP’s victory in the upcoming elections.”

Refuting claims that Chief George had expressed willingness to work with Tinubu, Adeleke clarified that such statements were taken out of context. “Chief Bode George upholds the principles of the rule of law and simply mentioned that if the courts declared Tinubu as the legitimate winner, he would accept it. When pressed by reporters on whether he would work for Tinubu, Chief George merely used his military background as an analogy, emphasizing the importance of following orders from superiors. It should be noted that he maintained Tinubu did not win the election and firmly believed that the PDP would emerge victorious in court. Therefore, it is clear that he would never find himself in a position to work for Tinubu.”

Adeleke expressed his concern over the lack of proper education among many Nigerians, particularly in the era of social media where news and opinions can easily be distorted to fit certain narratives. “It is evident that many Nigerians are not receiving the education they need. It is crucial, especially in this age of pervasive social media, that people exercise critical thinking and verify information before forming opinions. This is essential to counter the manipulations of these so-called bloggers.”

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