“Today’s attack on Pinnacle Oil and Gas filling station was a terrifying incident. We condemn this act of violence and assure the people of Enugu State that we will not be deterred by such cowardly acts. We will continue to uphold law and order in our state.” – Governor Peter Mbah
“This attack is a clear attempt to undermine the authority of the state government. We stand united against any form of violence and will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of our people.” – Enugu State Police Spokesperson
“The situation was chaotic. I saw several individuals on tricycles arrive at the filling station, pretending to be customers. Suddenly, they started spreading some sort of flammable liquid and set it on fire. People were running in every direction, trying to escape the gunshots that followed.” – Witness
“I’m grateful that the police arrived on time and managed to repel the attackers. Their quick intervention prevented further damage and loss of life. The workers at the filling station and nearby individuals played a crucial role in containing the fire until the fire service arrived.” – Anonymous Resident
“The ban on the sit-at-home order was a bold move by Governor Mbah, but it seems there are those who oppose it. We cannot allow a few misguided individuals to disrupt our lives and spread fear in our communities. We will remain resolute in our pursuit of peace and justice.” – Local Community Leader
“While no group has claimed responsibility for this attack, we have received threats from certain factions.

It is clear that they are attempting to challenge the authority of the government and create instability in the region. We are working closely with the security agencies to identify and apprehend those responsible.” -Enugu State Government Spokesperson”

We will not be silenced or intimidated. Our cause is just, and we will continue to fight for the release of our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Governor Mbah’s ban will not deter us. We will make sure the sit-at-home directive remains effective, regardless of his actions.” – Simon Ekpa, Factional Leader of IPOB

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