If the right pegs are placed in the right holes, what you get is an all round success.

When the people of Oyo gave Governor Seyi Makinde the mandate in 2015, they knew that they had a man who was a leader of men with the ability to transform the state and the uncommon intelligence of a visionary leader who would appoint the right people to assist him in achieving his goals.

One of those who he gave the onerous duty of rebranding and rejuvenating a critical sector in the state, was his staunch supporter, a man who is known for loyalty, integrity, dedication, and hard work, Dare Adeleke.

In November 2019, Hon. Dare Adeleke was appointed as the Chairman of Oyo State Pacesetter Transportation Company Limited (PTS) by the Governor Makinde.

Prior to his appointment, the PTS was being managed by the Bureau of Public Private Partnership and without a proper board but with Makinde, a board was put in place.

What the Makinde appointed administrators met on ground at the Pacesetters complex was enough to break the heart of the most daunting officer.

The complex could be likened to a cemetery of automobiles. Carcasses of what were ones buses were scattered all over the place, over-taken by shrubs and grass, in a decaying dilapidated complex. However, the newly appointed Executive Chairman of the organisation was not intimidated. He went to work knowing the onerous responsibility that had been placed on his shoulders.

What he did upon assuming office was to conduct an assessment of the company and designed a mechanism to take it to the next level.

With the support of the State Governor and the board members, significant achievements were recorded and today, the Pacesetters Transport Company can favourably compete with any metropolitan bus system anywhere in the world.

The new Executive Chairman set up an administrative network designed to function and deliver a structured organisation guided by checks and balances.

The Omituntun buses were launched, Adeleke embarked on Recruitment of qualified staff, capacity building through rigorous and consistent trainings and workshops, enforcement of minimum wage and overall improved living of personnel with prompt payment of salaries and emoluments.

Under the stewardship of Hon. Dare Adeleke and the board, the Pacesetters Transport Company Limited witnessed remarkable changes to the awe of the people of Oyo State.

Buses moved smoothly along designated routes and were always on time.

When the Seyi Makinde administration assumed office, there were only 22 hardly mobile buses in the Pacesetters fleet.

collaborating with local companies such as the Nigerian Bottling company, the Global Chemical Company and others for support.

It is to Adeleke’s credit and with the unflinching support of Governor Seyi Makinde that the Pacesetters Company is now a sprawling, modern Transport Company and no longer an eyesore to the city of Ibadan.

It must also be recorded in history that under Governor Seyi Makinde and with the managerial skill of Dare Adeleke, the Pacesetters Transport Company is now a revenue generating source of government and not an avenue of siphoning funds and breeding thugs that it was during the previous administration.

Knowing that health is wealth and only a healthy workforce can deliver good service, Adeleke renovated and equipped the the Pacesetters Clinic with the latest medical equipment, providing accessible healthcare to staff.

Keeping up to date with a technology driven world, the company launched an O-Health Program, a system through which staff can consult medical experts online.

In a country where many public servants have very little to show after their appointments, Adeleke has proved himself as a through example of excellent stewardship.

Honourable Dare Adeleke has validated the saying; to whom much is given, much is expected and he did so with exceptional brilliance.

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