Funmi Ayinke Adekojo Sheds Light on Women’s Potential Beyond Homemaking

Funmi Ayinke Adekojo, a renowned Nigerian businesswoman and the CEO of Funmi Ayinke Nigeria Ltd, recently spoke about the remarkable capabilities of women and how confining oneself to the role of a full-time housewife limits their potential. In a captivating interview on TVC’s esteemed talk show, Your View, Adekojo emphasized the importance of women being ambitious, hardworking, and career-focused.

Adekojo firmly believes that women possess incredible abilities and that nothing is beyond their grasp.

She stated, “What you choose to do with your skills defines who you are. By limiting yourself to the walls of your home, you inadvertently diminish your own value.”

Furthermore, Adekojo highlighted the vital role women play in their husband’s lives. She asserted, “Every man desires a partner with whom they can share ideas and aspirations. If women confine themselves solely to their homes, they limit their opportunities to contribute and add value.”

Drawing from her own experiences as the wife of Professor Waheed Adekojo and her notable achievements, including receiving the prestigious “Africa’s Best Rated Engineer Award,” Adekojo emphasized the importance of involving one’s spouse in all aspects of life.

She expressed, “I actively engage my husband in all my endeavors. I discuss everything with him and seek his approval before making them public. As a responsible career woman, it’s crucial to include your husband as your confidant.”

Adekojo candidly acknowledged the challenges she has faced while undertaking various humanitarian endeavors. Despite encountering disappointments from individuals who took advantage of her goodwill, she remains steadfast in her commitment. Adekojo firmly believes that true acts of humanity require no reciprocation.Known for her unwavering dedication to supporting the underprivileged, Adekojo credits her upbringing for her commitment to uplifting others.

Raised by a single mother who served as a teacher and later became a school principal, she attributes her success and beliefs to her mother’s determination to educate girls. Adekojo fondly recalls her mother’s commitment to cooperative savings, which inspired her to make a promise to uplift the girl child if she ever achieved success. Starting during her youth service, she formed an agreement with her superiors to provide kerosene on credit to widows. By empowering these women to sell the kerosene and subsequently repay her, Adekojo enabled them to educate their children, regardless of gender.

Consequently, when she established the Funmi Ayinke Foundation, her primary focus was on aiding widows. Adekojo’s talent hunt show, where she empowers young individuals to start their own businesses based on their pitches, serves as her way of giving back.

She described it as her personal form of tithing, explaining, “While some pastors may not approve, the talent hunt serves as my way of tithing. I’ve noticed many wealthy churches with impoverished members, so I collect my tithes for about five months and organize a talent hunt. Witnessing the thriving businesses that emerge from this project fills me with immense fulfillment. I receive tomatoes grown by farmers from as far as Kano, who were supported by the talent hunt initiative.”

Addressing her seemingly Midas touch, where everything she undertakes turns to gold, Adekojo confidently declared, “There is no limit to what a woman can achieve.”

Funmi Ayinke Adekojo stands as a remarkable entrepreneur, businesswoman, award-winning engineer, inspirational singer, and devoted wife. Her unwavering dedication to empowering women and transforming lives through numerous initiatives is a testament to her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to making a difference.

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