Man from Benue State Wrestles and Kills Lion with Bare Hands…

In a remarkable feat of bravery, Mr Iorver Udele, a 53-year-old man from Ajio clan in Shangev-Ya district of Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State, reportedly confronted and killed a lion that attacked him at the Ngokugh mountains.

This area holds historical significance as it was the site where a Nigerian military jet crashed in September 2006, resulting in the loss of 13 out of 18 Army Generals on board.Recounting the extraordinary encounter, Mr Iorver likened his actions to the legendary Biblical figure Samson, who also triumphed over a lion using only his bare hands.

He shared his harrowing experience with a reporter, stating, “I was working on my cassava farm at Ngokugh mountain when suddenly, I heard the roaring sound of a lion closing in on me.”

Feeling a surge of nerves, Mr Iorver mustered his courage and confronted the advancing lion, fully aware that his life was in imminent danger. “I engaged in a ten-minute struggle with the ferocious beast before ultimately defeating it,” he explained.

Following the epic battle, Mr Iorver sustained various injuries and was promptly rushed to the General Hospital in Adikpo, where he is currently receiving treatment. Family sources have assured journalists that his condition remains stable.

Confirming the incident, Mr Lawrence Akerigba, a prominent figure in the area, disclosed that Mr Iorver had suffered serious injuries during the lion’s attack while working on his cassava farm. He further revealed that the victim’s age falls between 52 and 53 years.

When contacted, the State Police Command’s Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Anene Catherine Sewuese, promptly reached out to the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the local government.

However, as of now, the police have not officially received the report. Mr Iorver’s incredible display of bravery and strength has left the community astounded, marking a defining moment in his life and the local history of Benue State.

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