Two Female Suspects Apprehended for Wreaking Havoc in Rivers State’s Omokuru Area…

The Rivers State Police Command has successfully apprehended two female suspects who have been causing chaos in the Omokuru area of Rivers State. Acting on a distress call received by the police, Philomena Ebe and Justina Edison were captured at their hideout.

In response to the distress call, the Rivers State Police conducted a commendable operation, leading to the arrest. Mr. Patrick, one of the victims, came forward and reported being subjected to robbery and rape by these criminals.

During the arrest, a fierce exchange of gunfire ensued, allowing six male gang members to escape with gunshot wounds.

However, the police managed to apprehend Philomena Ebe and Justina Edison. Upon their capture, two locally made guns, charms, and a sum of money believed to be proceeds from their previous operations were seized.

The suspects have confessed to their crimes, providing the police with valuable information about their methods. They were paraded alongside other criminals at the State Police headquarters.This arrest marks a significant breakthrough in the ongoing battle against crime in the Omokuru area.

The Rivers State Police Command remains dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of residents, and will persevere in their efforts to apprehend the remaining members of this criminal gang.

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