Chaos and Confusion Erupt at Lafenwa Market in Abeokuta as Traders Fall Victim to Money Doubling Scam…

Pandemonium engulfed Lafenwa market in Abeokuta, Ogun state as traders discovered that they had been ensnared by a deceitful money doubling scheme.

According to reports, a group masquerading as members of a cooperative society approached unsuspecting women, urging them to deposit their money with the promise of receiving double or even triple the amount in return.

Unaware of the fraudulent nature of the scheme, numerous market women eagerly embraced the opportunity and entrusted substantial sums of money, ranging from N14,000 to N60,000.

The fraudsters, operating under the guise of Perennial Global Services Limited, provided the victims with tags, forms of identification, and what appeared to be a cooperative society account opening/withdrawal passbook.

However, when the time came for the traders to claim their multiplied funds, the group had vanished into thin air, absconding with millions of naira.In a state of distress, the women who had fallen prey to the scam raised their voices in protest at the market, desperately searching for any trace of the supposed employees from Perennial Global Services.

Heartbreaking accounts emerged from the victims, with one trader recounting how she had entrusted the scammers with N56,000, expecting to receive N200,000 in return.

The appalling incident left the market in disarray, leaving the duped traders bewildered and grappling with significant financial losses.

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