Edo State Taskforce Arrests Couple for Selling Infant

Edo State Taskforce against Human Trafficking apprehended a 28-year-old woman, Joy Umukoro, and her 48-year-old boyfriend, Anthony Igbinogun, on charges of allegedly selling their two-month-old son to an unidentified buyer in Rivers State.

Following the arrest, Umukoro admitted to receiving a payment of N700,000 for the baby. She further disclosed that she kept N500,000 for herself and gave N170,000 to the agent responsible for arranging the sale.Umukoro stated that she and Igbinogun utilized the remaining N30,000 to purchase narcotics for personal consumption.

Their defense for selling the baby was based on their financial struggles in providing for the child.

Contrary to their claims, Abigail Ihonre, Head of the Investigative Unit of the Edo State Taskforce against Human Trafficking, revealed that Umukoro and Igbinogun sold the baby for a sum of N1.7 million, which exceeded the previously stated N700,000.

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