Purple Scroll, an emerging force in the world of literature, is preparing for the launch of its maiden book, “Majek Fashek: Before and After the Rain,” slated for release on November 18th, 2023.

More than just a publishing house, Purple Scroll embodies a movement that seeks to reignite a passion for literature. With a mission to preserve history through enthralling narratives, the company envisions a world where stories resonate like harmonious melodies across the pages of books.

Penned by veteran journalist Azuka Jebose Molokwu, “Majek Fashek: Before and After the Rain” promises a captivating exploration of the life of Nigerian music icon Majek Fashek. This memoir delves deep into the highs, lows, and cultural significance of the legendary musician’s journey.

In its commitment to safeguarding history, Purple Scroll presents Majek Fashek’s tale, illuminating the story of a Nigerian luminary whose influence extends far beyond the realm of music. The company aims not only to ensure that the tales of African icons like Majek are heard but also cherished.

Looking beyond the book’s pages, Purple Scroll aspires to transform “Majek Fashek: Before and After the Rain” into a movie or documentary, seeking to immortalize Majek’s legacy for future generations. The upcoming release invites readers to partake in a literary celebration of culture and music, inviting them to delve into the vivid world painted within its pages.

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